David Letterman Late Show Goodbye Video: “Save A Little For My Funeral!”

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David Letterman Goodbye Speech Late Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

David Letterman Goodbye Speech Late Show Video


David Letterman ended his final “Late Show” with a heartfelt goodbye speech. Check out the video below.

As his last episode as host of the “Late Show” was coming to a close, Letterman said, “The last six weeks, it’s been crazy. People have been saying lovely things about us and it’s really been over the top and I can’t tell you how flattering, embarrassing and gratifying it has all been.”

“We’ve done over 6,000 shows. I was here for most of them, and I can tell you a pretty high percentage of those shows just absolutely sucked,” continued the host. “And also in light of all of this praise, merited or not, do me a favor, save a little for my funeral. I’d appreciate it.”

Letterman went on to highlight many of the behind-the-scenes people that contributed to the series’ success, and said of his “tremendous staff,” “These people night after night have put up with my nonsense and taken great care of not just me but everyone on the show.” He further said, “I have been blessed to work with men and women that are smarter than I am, funnier than I am,” and argued they “deserve more credit for this show than I ever will.”

In the audience, Letterman’s wife and son got their own standing ovation from attendees, and he told them, “Seriously, thank you for being my family. I love you both. And, really, nothing else matters, does it?” The TV personality then directed his attention to his viewers, saying, “The people that watch this show, there’s nothing I can do to ever repay you. Thank you for everything. You’ve given me everything. And thank you again.”

Letterman lastly explained why he chose Foo Fighters to be not only the show’s last musical act, but to also close his final episode with their song “Everlong.” The band went on to perform the track as priceless clips and photos from virtually every facet of the show’s run played on screen. As Gossip Cop reported earlier, the historic episode of the late-night CBS series opened with Letterman being greeted with an extended standing ovation.

The star-studded send-off went on to include a performance from the Foo Fighters, Letterman’s favorite band, and celebrity guests like Tina Fey and Bill Murray doing the final Top 10 list. The jam-packed, emotional episode even ran significantly over its usual run time. Check out the full video below, and tell us what you think!


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