David Letterman “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Video – Watch Interview!

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David Letterman Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

By Shari Weiss |

David Letterman Jimmy Kimmel Live Video


David Letterman returned to late-night on Tuesday with an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The two ended up talking about another host, Conan O’Brien. They also discussed what life is like for Letterman since retiring. Watch the video below!

In his opening monologue to kick off the show, Kimmel, who is a huge, well-known Letterman fan, told the audience, “We have a great show for you tonight. A man I admire intensely, David Letterman, is here. David Letterman is to me what Beyonce is to everyone else, okay?” He went on to joke, “If Dave had any idea of how excited I am that he’s here with us tonight, he would not, under any circumstances, be here with us tonight. And, as if that isn’t enough — and by God, don’t you think it ought to be? — sitting in with the Cleto and the Cletones all week, Mr. Paul Shaffer is with us. This is how we got Letterman on the show. We kidnapped Paul and said, ‘You’d better show up.'”

When Letterman eventually came out, the topic turned to a recent interview that’s racked up more than a million views on YouTube in less than seven days. When O’Brien was on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” last week, he told a very long, funny story about Letterman surprisingly gifting him with a horse. Now on Kimmel’s show, Letterman shared his side of the story.

Basically, Letterman told Kimmel he gave O’Brien the horse as a gag, but it ended up costing him a fortune. Letterman explained that the intention was only for the horse to go on O’Brien’s show, “take a dump,” and then the redheaded host would return him. Letterman didn’t think O’Brien would actually keep him. “Days later, I realized things have gone terribly wrong. I got this warm, lovely letter saying, ‘My wife loves the horse because she’s an equestrian,’” related Letterman. He added, “I was counting on him to return the horse and getting my money back.”

Letterman joked that now he’s going to “hear from Peta,” and there may be litigation because the horse is “unrideable.” He than cracked that he heard the horse broke into Conan’s mansion and one of his “servants was kicked in the head.” At the very end of the segment, Kimmel then told Letterman he had a surprise gift. The host then directed Letterman to look at a screen that had video of a young bull in a stall.

As Gossip Cop reported, Letterman retired as the host of the “Late Show” in the spring of 2015, with Colbert taking over that fall. The TV icon has mainly stayed out of the spotlight since then, and this is actually his first late-night appearance since his farewell “Late Show” episode more than two years ago. During the interview with Kimmel, Letterman noted he doesn’t missing being on TV, but he does “miss wearing makeup.” However, Letterman will soon be back on the small screen somewhat regularly.

Last month, it was announced he’ll host a long-form interview series for Netflix. The show is currently slated to debut on the streaming platform in 2018. And Gossip Cop has already busted related fake news, with the National Enquirer falsely claiming Letterman was refusing to shave his beard for the new series.

We learned that Netflix never actually asked him to do so, making the notion that he was refusing patently false. And Letterman now appeared with Kimmel in all his bushy glory. This edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of the third annual “Kimmel In Brooklyn” week. Check out the videos below of Letterman’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel, as well as of O’Brien telling Colbert the original horse story!

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