Stars Tweet Goodbye To David Letterman, Share Late Show Memories (PHOTOS)

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David Letterman Celebrity Twitter Messages

By Michael Lewittes |

David Letterman Celebrity Twitter Messages


Stars are tweeting their goodbyes to David Letterman, who steps down from “The Late Show” on Wednesday night. See the messages below.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Letterman announced his retirement in 2014. This marks not only the end of his 22-year run as the host of “The Late Show,” but also the conclusion of his successful 33-year late-night television career. He has celebrated over the last few weeks with return appearances from memorable guests, and now celebrities are taking to Twitter to say their own farewells and share memories.

Jessica Chastain posted a picture of herself and Letterman on the series in October 2014, when she appeared to promote Interstellar. The actress captioned the photo saying, “You sir, are a true gentleman.” For Tom Arnold, the end of “The Late Show” hit very close to him. The actor tweeted, “Did Letterman over 30 times. Let me fill in as host twice.” He continued, “Grateful and sad but his exist is perfect like everything else these last 33 years.” Josh Groban tweeted, “My brother and I would stay up late to watch Letterman every night.” The singer added, “Singing songs (and the top 10!) on his show was an honor. Thanks Dave!!”

Jon Lovitz tweeted, “Thanks David Letterman for all the years of great entertainment on your program! You set me up perfectly, every time!” Ricki Lake posted a video of herself on “The Late Show” in 1990, saying, “In honor of #davidletterman’s retirement.” Jon Cryer shared a video as well, of his appearance on “The Late Show” in 2011. The actor wrote, “Thanks #DavidLetterman… It was an honor to share the stage with you.” Sean Hayes tweeted, “Thank you to my hero, @Letterman. Late night will never be the same.” And with a video posted to Facebook of his 2001 guest appearance, Hayes wrote, “Thanks for being so kind & generous to me over the years.” Noting the video, he added, “Like a great host does, knowing it was my first time, thank you for being slow & gentle. I’ll call you later. xo”

“Congratulations to David Letterman, who I now believe is beginning his third career in show business,” tweeted Steve Martin. Lena Dunham shared a picture of the host kissing her hand and wrote “You really know how to make a gal feel like a trillion bucks thank you for it all.” Will Arnett posted a black and white shot of himself with letterman on the late show captioning it “You made it cool to be smart, you made it cool to be witty, this pic’s truly a dream come true.” Sarah Silverman wrote with her own pic “gonna miss this man.”

Kelly Ripa posted a broken heart emoji along with her own Letterman pic, writing, “Thanks Dave……..for everything.” Fellow TV host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, “Tonight is David @Letterman’s final show. What a wonderful, inspiring, hilarious, groundbreaking, amazing ride. #ThanksDave.” Meanwhile, Brooklyn Decker hilariously posted a picture of herself and Letterman flipping the bird, with the caption, “One last middle finger…” Ken Jeong tweeted a picture of one of the times the comedian made him laugh, and simply wrote, “Thank you, Dave.”

“Tonight is @letterman’s final Late Show. We love each other so much. I will miss him so,” Betty White wrote on Twitter, adding, “But look out — I’ll find him!! #ThanksDave.” Julie Chen, who is co-host of “The Talk” and married to CBS boss Les Moonves, tweeted a selfie she took with Letterman, writing, “#ThanksDave … you are truly one of a kind, you’ll be missed!” And Minka Kelly deemed it “#Endofanera” in her own Instagram post, and said, “What an honor it was. We’re gonna miss you, Dave.”

Conan O’Brien, who succeeded Letterman as the second-ever “Late Night” host, commented, “It’s absolutely absurd to thank David Letterman for all he’s done in a tweet. But that’s the world we live in now. #ThanksDave.” Sean Hayes posted a funny photo asking to borrow $75,000 from the wealthy star, and Chris Rock, who appears on the finale episode, tweeted a picture of himself at Letterman’s desk, jokingly announcing, “And the new host of the late show is.” (The real new host is Stephen Colbert, who will debut in September.)

“Sitting here with a glass of wine to toast David Letterman and a stack of tissues because I am so sad to see him go,” confessed Meredith Vieira less than two hours before the broadcast. Mandy Moore shared an admittedly “grainy” picture from her first-ever appearance on the show, and tweeted, “What an honor. We’ll miss you, Dave but thanks for it all.”

Joel McHale wrote on Twitter, “Thank you, thank you, thank you @Letterman for being my TV father. You started & are now ending an era. #DavidLetterman #WrestlingShoes.” Sia similarly remarked, “.@Letterman you were like a father growing up. I even had bath time interviews with an imaginary YOU involving shampoo bottles and our SPARKLING personalities. Thank you for the laughs dad. I mean Dave.” The message was accompanied by video of one of her performances on the series.

“Meant so much to me to make @Letterman laugh,” Billy Eichner told his followers, adding, “Thanks to EVERYONE at the Late Show and Dave for being a true original.” Actor-comedian Jim Gaffigan noted, “Watching David Letterman as a teenager in Indiana changed my entire outlook on life. #thanksdave.” Bob Saget simply tweeted the “#ThanksDave” trend, as did Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, and Kat Dennnings, while Cobie Smulders went with “Farewell sir.” And Michael Strahan posted a great Facebook photo of himself hoisting Letterman into the air.

Demi Moore posted a “Late Show” clip as well as two photos, including the Vanity Fair cover that featured her with Letterman as St. Nick. “You’ll always be my Secret Santa @Letterman Happy to show you my gymnastics anytime,” she wrote, referring to amusing bit they did while she was pregnant with a kicking baby girl. No Doubt shared a performance clip and commented, “Congratulations to @Letterman on 33 years of incredible late night television! #ThanksDave.” Gwen Stefani also posted her own remembrances, including a message reading, “Congratulations to @Letterman on 33 years of incredible late night television & thank you for letting us be a part of it. We’ll miss you! #ThanksDave.” Lady Antebellum, too, highlighted a performance, tweeting, “Looking back on our first @Letterman appearance in 2010 when we performed ‘American Honey’ #thanksdave.”

“Leave town for 2 1/2 months & LETTERMAN’s GOING OFF THE AIR? What other sh*t has transpired? Did they cancel The Snatchelor ?? Say YES!!” cracked Kirstie Alley. The New York Yankees tweeted several pictures, noting, “Our wonderful city won’t quite be the same without @Letterman. #ThanksDave.” Olivia Munn commented on her own snapshot, “You weren’t so scary after all.”

On Facebook, Jennifer Lawrence showcased herself holding handwritten note that read, “Don’t do this! No one is sick of you. It’s all in your head.” Kevin Jonas was another star to share a “flashback” video, remarking, “It was an honor getting to do your show David Letterman.” Jerry Seinfeld and Julia-Louis-Dreyfus also attended the final taping, after which he posted a selfie with the caption, “Me and Elaine from the ‘Seinfeld’ show about to bust onto the Last Letterman. We felt so honored.”

Bette Midler exclaimed, “WOW! David Letterman is saying goodbye…33 years of superb invention on his part and laughter on ours. That went so fast! I loved it!!” B.J. Novak admitted, “This is a contrarian opinion but I love old Letterman more than young Letterman.” Jimmy Kimmel, who is airing a repeat tonight, tweeted a reminder to his viewers, “Don’t forget @Letterman tonight #ThanksDave.” And Kourney Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of herself on the show with sister Kim, writing, “Thank you @letterman for the laughs! You are the king of late night and will be missed. #noonelikeletterman.”

After the episode aired, Andy Cohen wrote on Twitter, “LOVED Dave’s goodbye!!!! AMAZING!!! just the right note!!!! He is perfect.” Olivia Wilde funnily tweeted, “Ok Dave this feels like the right time to admit I stole some stuff from the set. Just mugs! I take great care of them! So sorry. I love you.” Chris Harrison posted, “Goodnight Dave! Thanks.” And Melissa Joan Hart said on Instagram, “I’ve gone to bed with you more nights than I can remember! I’ll miss you! From one NYer to another! #ThanksDave #Farewell.”

Seth Rogen revealed that a post-show letter he once received from Letterman is “one of my most prized possessions,” and said the CBS series “was always my favorite show to do.” And in one of the longer Instagram posts, Debra Messing wrote, “OH DAVE….NO ONE has ever made me more giddy than you. Thank you for your kindness, your playfulness, your singular wit. There has never been and will never be, anyone like you.”

Even President Obama posted a photo on Twitter, and wrote, “TV won’t be the same without Dave.” Presidential Hillary Clinton went on to do the same, tweeting, “#ThanksDave—for two decades of laughs, insights, and, yes, even pantsuit jokes. @Letterman, you’re a legend.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more celebrities tweet their farewells to David Letterman. Check out some of the photos shared below.



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