Fans React To David Letterman’s New Beard – See Twitter Reactions

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David Letterman Beard Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

David Letterman Beard Fans React

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David Letterman made an appearance on Monday night at Ball State University, where the retired “Late Show” host sported a large, bushy beard. Perhaps it’s the time of the year and the length of the beard that led to comparisons to Santa Claus. Check out how fans are reacting to photos of Letterman’s increasingly wild look.

Letterman visited Ball State, his almer mater, to make an announcement that he’s donating memorabilia from his television career to the school for an exhibit called “The David Letterman Experience.” But the former talk-show host perhaps made a bigger impression on students with his unkempt facial hair than he did with his generous gesture.

A user named @Singwith_Mwood joked, “And award for for worst beard goes to David Letterman.” But a fan named @Naomi_K disagreed, tweeting, “Loving Letterman’s beard. That’s the facial hair of a man who has nothing to do all day. Go David.”

A person using the handle @CaptainFadeaway pointed out, “David Letterman is now a dead ringer for Santa Claus.” Twitter user @Garin shared a similar sentiment, writing, “David Letterman looks like a hipster Santa with the #EpicBeard. Clearly he is winning at retirement.”

Meanwhile, @thecultureofme feels, “David Letterman’s beard needs its own twitter,” while @AlexDiLalla admitted, “To grow a beard like David Letterman’s beard is something I aspire to in life after seeing this photograph.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think of Letterman’s new beard.


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