David Letterman Refuses To Shave Beard For Netflix Series?

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David Letterman Beard Netflix

By Andrew Shuster |

David Letterman Beard Netflix

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Is David Letterman refusing to shave the large beard he grew after retiring from the “Late Show” when he returns to TV for his upcoming Netflix series? That’s what one of this week’s new tabloids is reporting, but Gossip Cop has the truth.

After spending decades with a clean-shaven face on his CBS late night show, Letterman drastically changed his look when he stepped down in 2015 and grew out copious amounts of facial hair. It was announced earlier this month that the legendary talk show host signed a deal with Netflix to host a six-episode interview series, but the National Enquirer now claims Letterman’s new beard is causing drama behind-the-scenes with the streaming service.

A supposed “source” tells the magazine, “Dave is refusing to shave his beard. He has made it clear that if he returns he will do it his way.” In fact, Letterman confirmed on the “Howard Stern Show” earlier this month that he’s keeping his beard for the Netflix show. However, despite the outlet’s claim, his beard has never been a point of contention for the streaming giant. A rep for Letterman exclusively assures Gossip Cop that Netflix never asked the former late night host to shave, so the assertion that he “refuses” to do so is entirely false.

Of course, the Enquirer has printed many phony articles about the talk show host in the time since he left the “Late Show,” so this latest fabrication isn’t too surprising. Gossip Cop recently busted the tabloid for oddly alleging Letterman became a gambling addict after retiring from the “Late Show.” We also corrected the publication after it wrongly reported Letterman was teaming up with Jay Leno for a reality show about antique cars. Neither of those tall tales were remotely accurate, and the magazine’s latest story is similarly off-base.

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