Did David Hasselhoff really celebrate his 65th birthday by getting a facelift? One of the new tabloids claims the actor gifted himself with plastic surgery for the milestone, but Gossip Cop can reveal the truth. We're told the report is simply "false."

The allegation was made in the pages of the latest issue of Star, which features the punny headline, "Hoff Hassled Over New Look." In the accompanying story, the publication inaccurately speculates that the actor celebrated his latest birthday "by treating himself" to a face, neck and eyelid lift after being spotted at LAX with "suspiciously smooth and taut" skin. A so-called "source" is then quoted as saying, "When David filmed the Baywatch reboot last year, it hit home that his days of being a Hollywood hunk are behind him." The outlet's questionable "insider" adds, "He wants people to look at him like they did in the 1990's."

Wait? What's the origin of this claim, because it appears the tabloid came up with its story after Hasselhoff was spotted with "smooth and taut" skin recently at LAX. Rather suspiciously, the magazine somehow found an "insider" to turn back the clock and contend Hasselhoff was actually mulling a facelift after he "filmed the Baywatch reboot last year."

As a result of some inconsistencies, Gossip Cop looked into story, and we've determined it's untrue. A source close to Hasselhoff assures us the story about the actor celebrating his birthday with a facelift is 100 percent "false." The actor didn't undergo a series of cosmetic procedures as part of his birthday festivities, and the magazine's claim otherwise is entirely made-up.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Gossip Cop has corrected the tabloid for falsely accusing a celebrity of getting plastic surgery. In 2015, we debunked a Star story that wrongly maintained Kourtney Kardashian was getting a facelift. In that article, the publication claimed the reality star was hoping to "turn back the clock" with a "drastic surgery overhaul," but the entire tale was untrue. The outlet's latest report about Hasselhoff supposedly going under the knife for his 65th birthday is similarly unfounded.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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