David Cassidy Dementia: Singer Reveals Memory Loss Battle

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David Cassidy Dementia

By Andrew Shuster |

David Cassidy Dementia

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David Cassidy revealed on Monday that he’s suffering from dementia, and that his battle against memory loss has taken a toll on his music career. The 66-year-old also announced that he’s retiring to focus on his health.

“I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” Cassidy told People about his health condition. The actor and singer, best known for his role on the ’70s sitcom “The Partridge Family,” went on to note that his disease is genetic and also affected both his mother and grandfather. “In the end, the only way I knew she recognized me is with one single tear that would drop from her eye every time I walked into the room,” Cassidy said about his mom, who passed away at 89-years-old. “I feared I would end up that way.”

Cassidy further revealed he’ll no longer be touring, explaining, “I want to focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions. I want to love. I want to enjoy life.” The news of the singer’s disease comes on the heels of his concert in Agoura Hills, California on Saturday night, during which he slurred his words and struggled to remember the lyrics to his songs.

Because of his problematic performance (see video below) and past struggles with alcohol, there was speculation that Cassidy was drunk on stage. As Gossip Cop has previously reported, the former “Partridge Family” star was arrested in November 2010 in Florida on a DUI charge after allegedly weaving on and off the road. When cops checked his 2008 Mercedes, they found a half empty bottle of bourbon. His blood alcohol level at the time was at 0.139 and 0.141, which is far greater than the 0.08 legal limit. The former teen idol claimed he had one glass of wine earlier in the day and a hydrocodone pain pill in the afternoon.

Cassidy was again picked up by the police for drunk driving in 2013 in upstate New York. After being pulled over in Albany at a DWI checkpoint, the singer failed a Breathalyzer test. That, however, wasn’t the last time he was busted for operating a vehicle while under the influence. In 2014, Cassidy was nailed by police after allegedly making an illegal turn getting off the 405 freeway in Los Angeles. Once again, he failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for driving under the influence.

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