David Beckham is threatening to leave Victoria Beckham and take their kids if she doesn't stop drinking? That's the outlandish and untrue story from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the false rumor.

NW, referring to the former Spice Girl as "Sloshed Posh," alleges she's at risk of losing David and the kids "if she can't get her drinking under control." The main incident, says the tabloid, occurred at London Fashion Week last month. "David was furious with Victoria for drinking so much that she could barely stand up straight," an "insider" says. "She was stumbling all over the place and making a fool out of both of them... revealing intimate details about their [love] life and slurring her words."

According to the magazine, Victoria then started accusing her husband of being unfaithful. "That left David even more furious and saw him drag her out of the bar into their waiting car," the supposed source claims. "He told her how her day drinking and boozy ways have alarm bells ringing in his head already, and her antics at the party confirmed that she's starting to spiral out of control."

From there, the outlet alleges that David took the couple's kids to his sister's house and threatened to move to Miami with them if Victoria doesn't quit drinking. "Victoria was in a state as she begged and pleaded with him not to leave," the alleged source concludes, "but he said he needed some space to calm down and she needed some time to sober up and think about her behavior."

Gossip Cop ran the story by Victoria's rep, who dismisses it as "such rubbish." We're inclined to agree, as nothing about the article adds up. There are no recordings of Victoria "slurring" or "stumbling," despite the massive press coverage at Fashion Week. Also, how did the magazine's "source" manage to be at both Fashion Week and then at the Beckhams' home where the whole "move to Miami" threat occurred?

The tabloid's story reads like some very juicy soap opera writing, but reality contradicts it. This week, David posted a photo of himself and Victoria smiling at an event celebrating Andy Warhol. David also has a drink in his hand in the photo. If the former soccer star was desperately trying to stop his wife from drinking, it's highly unlikely he'd be drinking at an event with her.

David also posted a photo in the middle of Fashion Week — when this entire fake conflict supposedly happened — of himself and their children supporting Victoria during one of her events. "A lot of love for mummy this afternoon," wrote David. "Well done, we are so proud as always." Those aren't the words of someone on the cusp of leaving his wife and taking their children with him.

This isn't even the first time NW has tried to push this bogus narrative about David taking the kids and going to Miami. Gossip Cop busted an extremely similar piece about Victoria preparing for a custody battle in August. Even in February 2018, the tabloid published an article claiming David and Victoria were "living apart" as he situated himself in Miami. The magazine continues to churn out fictional stories about the Beckhams with no concern for the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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