David Beckham Brings Coffee To Cold And Injured Elderly Man And Paramedic Waiting For Ambulance

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David Beckham paramedic

By Michael Lewittes |

David Beckham paramedic


David Beckham warmed the body and soul of an injured elderly man and the paramedic who was attending to him in central London on Monday. The soccer star sprung into action after he walked past a paramedic named Catherine Maynard and the old man she was tending to on the ground during the chilly afternoon. Following a brief hello to both of them, Beckman got into his car and returned 10 minutes later with cups of hot tea and coffee.

Beckham noticed the two were very cold and wanted to warm them up. Maynard said, “We were both very amused and flattered.” The paramedic had been trying to keep the older man warm until an ambulance arrived when, as she noted, “All of a sudden, I looked up and saw someone who looked like David Beckham walking past us.” Maynard added, “He said hello and got in his car. I said to the man I was treating, ‘I think that was David Beckham.’ Ten minutes later, he came back with a cup of coffee for me and a tea for the patient.”

Maynard said she was both shocked and excited when Beckman came back with coffee and tea to keep them warm. The elderly man was later transported to a local hospital, where he received care for his non-life threatening injuries. The London Ambulance Service later said in a statement that Beckham had shown he “respects hard-working paramedics and even a gesture as small as buying a cup of coffee makes our crews feel appreciated.”


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