David Beckham ‘Good Morning America’ Video: Watch ‘GMA’ Interview!

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David Beckham Good Morning America

By Andrew Shuster |

David Beckham Good Morning America


David Beckham appeared on Monday’s “Good Morning America” to discuss his work as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, as well as his 11-year-old son, Cruz, releasing a Christmas song. Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

The soccer star is visiting New York City to celebrate the 70th year of UNICEF, an organization dedicated to raising funds and support for needy children. “I’m very proud to be a goodwill ambassador. It’s something that I’m extremely focused on,” Beckham said on the morning show. “It’s something that is very important to me and the family.” He went on to note, “A child dies five minutes from violence around the world. It’s an incredible statistic, and as great as the work has been done over the years, there’s still so much more to be done.”

Beckham’s son Cruz, who recently released a holiday-themed single titled “If Every Day Was Christmas,” was also just signed by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. “The amazing thing about this is we only realized that Cruz has a cute little voice about nine months ago,” said the athlete. “And Scoots has been a family friend for a while, so he said, ‘Bring him in, we’ll see if he enjoys it.'” Beckham also explained that all the proceeds from Cruz’s song will go to charity, and further clarified that Cruz isn’t embarking on a full-fledged singing career just yet.

“There’s nothing more to this than that at the moment,” Beckham continued. “He’s 11 years old. He’s still at school. He’s concentrating at school. That’s the most important thing. But he wanted to give back and he’s done this amazing little Christmas song which has got a lot of attention, and we’re very proud of him because he came to us with the idea. It’s kind of cool and he’s having fun.” Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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