David Beckham “Flirting” Claims NOT True

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David Beckham Flirting Women

By Shari Weiss |

David Beckham Flirting Women

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David Beckham was not “caught flirting” with other women, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational story.

Back in May, RadarOnline claimed Beckham was “caught flirting” with a woman at a SoulCycle class. The untrue story was part of the site’s ongoing mission to paint the soccer star and wife Victoria as a couple on the brink of divorce. That’s why, three months and no split later, the outlet has published a similar story, albeit another absurdly false one.

The new headline blares, “David Beckham Caught Flirting AGAIN — With Two Different Women!” In the accompanying photo gallery, it’s said he “was back at the flirting game this weekend, chatting up not one, but two different women while ordering a healthy beverage from a juice bar in Los Angeles.” So, what do the pictures actually show?

Well, some of the paparazzi snapshots are of Beckham inside the establishment with other customers. He’s seen talking to one woman, who is wearing a baby carrier. At one point, the athlete appears to bend down to look closer at the infant’s face. Scandalous, we know.

And in the other pics, Beckham is leaning out of his car window to take a selfie with a female fan. These are the innocent moments that led the webloid to declare, “David, you dog!” Of course, these interactions show Beckham would be better characterized as a nice and friendly person, but that doesn’t fit the blog’s narrative. And so, the outlet says, “Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl that Beckham’s marriage to Victoria is crumbling rapidly.”

But it’s RadarOnline and its sister outlets putting forth those “rumors,” like OK! also sensationalizing pictures last week to claim Victoria was “miserable” due to a “cheating scandal.” This is all tabloid-manufactured drama, not an actual accurate reflection of their happy lives. Don’t fall for it.

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David Beckham has been caught flirting with other women.

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