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Did David Beckham, fed up with his wife’s faltering fashion empire, beg Victoria to focus less on her business and more on their children? One tabloid reported that was the case several weeks ago. Gossip Cop looked into the story and determined that a popular tabloid trope was at play here.

Victoria Beckham Torn Between Family And Business

Victoria Beckham, Heat claimed, was experiencing some “intense back-to-work anxiety,” so her husband advised the fashion designer to “cut her losses and put the family first.” According to sources who spoke with the outlet, “Vic herself has admitted that the future of her fashion empire is shaky, and she is constantly stressing over how to navigate the business in the current climate.” The stress had supposedly gotten so bad for the former pop star, both her friends and her husband were beginning to become concerned. Victoria was allegedly told to “let go of her dream” that had caused her and David “so much anxiety and bad press,” and “wake up and realize it herself.”

In the meantime, Victoria was apparently second-guessing whether or not she wanted to continue her career in the fashion industry after getting the chance to spend so much time with her children. “Her business always used to excite her, but now she almost wishes that, instead of having to return to London, she could stay put in the Cotswolds and ‘mummy’ all day.”

David Beckham "Being A Bit Selfish"

And since David was returning to Miami to look after his soccer team, InterMiami, he pressed his wife to focus more on their family than “the family brand.” “It’s already such a huge strain on her working relationship with David,” said the source, adding, “he is begging her to let go and focus on the family instead. He’s being a bit selfish, but it’s left Victoria wondering if she really should continue with it, considering the damage it could do to the brand and to her marriage."

Isn’t it interesting that Victoria Beckham was essentially being called a bad mother for leaving her children to go to London for work, but the tabloid has nothing to say about David Beckham traveling all the way to an entirely different continent for work? Also, aside from its brief mention near the end of the story, there's very little written about David's soccer team InterMiami. A week after this article was published, that same outlet claimed the Beckhams were facing a major lifestyle crisis as a result of profit losses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic's affect on the Miami soccer club. Why is only Victoria's so called "shaky" business being called out? Gossip Cop has long noticed the slimy way working mothers are treated in the tabloids, which working fathers tend to be exempt from.

Working mothers, and working women who have no children for that matter, are so often accused of being consumed by their work and it’s often implied that the children, or the spouse, suffer as a result. You’d think we as a society have moved on from this sort of old-fashioned, double standard, but the tabloids apparently still live in a time where it’s unusual and verboten for mothers or women to be career-driven. The writers behind this article, and this mindset, ought to retire for good.


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