Dave Moisan, Michael Sanchez “The Voice” Battle Video: Watch “Valerie” Performance!

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Dave Moisan Michael Sanchez The Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Dave Moisan Michael Sanchez The Voice Battle Video


Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez competed in “The Voice” Battles on Tuesday with a surprising Amy Winehouse cover, and one of them was stolen. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Moisan’s Blind Audition performance of “Sex And Candy” earned him the first four-chair turn-around of season 11. The aspiring star was a big Maroon 5 fan, and even sounded a bit like Adam Levine with his falsetto. But to everyone’s surprise, he chose Alicia Keys to be his coach.

Now the superstar paired Moisan with team mate Sanchez for the second round of the competition. Assigned Winehouse’s version of “Valerie,” the two contestants received extra mentoring from guest adviser Charlie Puth. When it emerged that both play piano, Keys and Puth encouraged them to have one on stage and “switch it out” between them.

That component had the other coaches shocked and impressed, and the performance led to a standing ovation from the entire panel. “That was the quickest I’ve ever seen Adam jump up for someone not on his team,” Miley Cyrus quipped. “He’s trying to get that steal in early!” Indeed, Levine admitted his heart was still broken since Moisan had rejected him.

Still, he found Sanchez to be the “big surprise.” Shelton was also taken aback by Sanchez’s voice and stage presence. “What you just did performance-wise was my favorite of the day so far,” said the country superstar.

Keys said having to pick between them was “even more difficult than I imagined,” but she ultimately declared Sanchez the winner. Of course, that made Moisan available for the steal. And of course, just as Cyrus predicted, Levine went for it! Check out the video below!


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