Dave Chappelle ‘Walking Dead’ Spoof On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Dave Chappelle SNL Walking Dead

By Michael Lewittes |

Dave Chappelle SNL Walking Dead


“SNL” spoofed “The Walking Dead” with guest host Dave Chappelle bringing back characters from his Comedy Central show. Watch the video “Saturday Night Live” below of “Chappelle’s Show” characters in a parody of the “Negan murder.”

In the taped sketch, guest host Chappelle played numerous parts, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan trying to decide who to murder with his baseball bat. Among those who begged for their lives on their knees were Chappelle’s characters of Lil Jon, Clayton Bigsby, Tron Carter, Chuck Taylor, and Tyrone Biggums. The Bigsby character is a blind black man, who’s acts like a white supremacist, but doesn’t realize he’s black. In the filmed bit, he even wore a red “Make America Great Hat” and praised “Trump’s America.”

Also hoping not to be murdered was Biggums, a crack addict with penchant for scratching his neck; Carter, a drug dealer; Taylor, a “white” TV news anchor with a blond wig; and “Lil Jon,” who just kept screaming “What?!” like he did on “Chappelle’s Show.” In the end, though, Chappelle’s Biggums character got decapitated.

As Gossip Cop noted, this is the very first time Chappelle has hosted “Saturday Night Live” 2005. While at the height of his career, following two successful seasons of “Chappelle’s Show,” after signing on for another two years, the comedian unexpectedly quit the Comedy Central series, and fled to South Africa. Since then he’s been occasionally performing stand-up comedy. In fact, Chappelle’s “SNL” monologue was a series on jokes that touched on a variety of subjects, including Donald Trump.

To see Dave Chappelle’s spoof of “The Walking Dead,” featuring characters from his Comedy Central show, watch the video below.


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