Dave Chappelle ‘SNL’ Monologue Features Donald Trump Jokes And N-Word – WATCH VIDEO

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Dave Chapelle SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Dave Chapelle SNL Monologue


Dave Chappelle opened his “SNL” monologue by joking about Donald Trump and the election. He then made crack about the cops, the protests, Blacks, and about Trump again. He also talked about President Obama and dropped the N-word. See the video below of Chappelle’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

This marks Chappelle’s debut as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” Interestingly, unlike most guest hosts, Chappelle is not promoting any particular project. He’s simply on the show.

Of course, Chappelle has tremendous experience with sketch comedy shows. He had his own highly succesful series, “Chappelle’s Show” on Comedy Central from 2003-2004. Then in 2005, after signing a $50-plus million deal for two more seasons of the show, Chappelle unexpectedly quit the show and sought refuge in South Africa. He later explained he had difficulty handling his fame and that he felt the sketch comedy program, at times, played into racial stereotypes.

Since then, Chappelle has sporadically performed stand-up comedy, including a stint in 2014 at New York’s famed Radio City Music Hall. In a promo leading up to his “Saturday Night Live” appearance, Chappelle was asked by members of the program’s musical guest, A Tribe Called Quest, whether he was actually going to show up on Saturday, to which he replied, “Yeah… we’ll see.”

To see Chappelle’s “SNL” monologue in which he joked about Trump and the election, cops, the protests, President Obama and Trump again, watch the video below.

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