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Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder have been married since 2002 and have welcomed three children together, but rumors of fights and infidelity have continued to populate tabloids. Some of these alleged fights have been so nasty, the tabloids contend, that divorce has been bandied about. Gossip Cop couldn’t believe just how many articles there were about the couple’s marital issues, so we dove in to investigate whether rumors of the Hollywood power couple’s imminent divorce were true.

Danny Moder's Alleged Fights

In recent years, there’ve been dozens of reports that Moder, an acclaimed cinematographer, had been fighting with his wife of 18 years. Some tabloids were even brazen enough to claim that the couple had fought in public, specifically at a Rolling Stones concert in 2018. Woman’s Day, one of the trashier tabloids, was behind the rumor. A “source” told the outlet the couple’s date night at the Pasadena concert didn’t go according to plan after something happened to set Roberts off. "It wasn't clear what Julia's problem was but Danny definitely looked to be in the firing line," the suspicious tipster explained. Of course, all of this was untrue. The outlet simply took an image taken of the actress and her husband out of context, which is why Gossip Cop determined the story to be false.

There’ve also been rumors that when Moder goes out of town for work, like when he was working on the film, Ibiza, Roberts has a strict set of rules for Moder to follow. "Danny had to check in with her three times a day and wasn't allowed to go to sleep without FaceTiming her and the kids,” a supposed source tattled. “Julia can be very codependent, so she gets anxious when he's out of town." Though the “insider” insisted that Roberts “trusted” her husband, she knew that there were “a slew of gorgeous young women working on the film, so she didn't want him in that scene." Gossip Cop was assured by a source close to the situation that there was not a bit of truth to any of the story’s claims.

Julia Roberts And Danny Moder's Vacation Problems

Whenever a celebrity couple takes a vacation together, there are always titters that the spouses were supposedly using that time to work on their marriage. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are no strangers to those sorts of rumors. Oddly enough, Gossip Cop has busted this particular rumor twice in 2019 alone. In February of that year, OK! claimed the couple’s marriage was “back on track” after the two and their three children vacationed in Alaska. Roberts was accused of being a “workaholic,” which was causing strain in her marriage, a source informed the publication. As a result of that tension, the family took an “off the grid” vacation to Alaska to “reconnect as a family.” There was just one little thing wrong with this story, Gossip Cop discovered.

There was zero evidence that Moder and Roberts were having any marital issues that they’d need to “get back on track” from. The outlet only referenced itself when it brought up the alleged “problems,” but Gossip Cop has busted the publication multiple times for their false assertions about the couple’s relationship. In reality, the vacation was not one taken out of desperation to save their marriage. Rather, it was simply a family vacation. Just like the family’s Hawaii vacation they took later that year, though it too was seen as a last ditch effort to save their marriage.

Love Triangle Rumors

There have been many allegations of some sort of love triangle going on with the spouses. Perhaps these rumors pop up as often as they do, despite there being little evidence of any affairs or any other inappropriate behavior, is because Roberts and Moder have been together for so long. Maybe that’s why ridiculous stories like the report from Woman’s Day that claimed that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder fought over Leonardo DiCaprio. Supposedly, Roberts paid the handsome actor a little too much attention at a social event, leading to Moder feeling ignored. Photographic evidence from the night in question showed that the outlet’s claim was totally bogus.

The National Enquirer added its two-cents with an article titled "Julia Plants Juicy One On Another Guy!" It was alleged that Roberts cheated on her spouse of nearly 20 years with "hunky millionaire restaurateur Bruce Bozzi" and worst of all, the supposed infidelity happened "right under hubby Danny Moder's nose." It had all the hallmarks of the perfect, salacious tabloid fodder, but there was a huge red flag that stood out to Gossip Cop: Bozzi is a gay man, who is happily married to Bryan Lourd, the managing director for Creative Artists Agency. There was simply no truth to this story.

Equally ridiculous was NW’s claim that Roberts was texting ex Benjamin Bratt behind Moder’s back. The outlet quoted a so-called source who explained that after Roberts bought a home in San Francisco, there was “no way she wouldn't have sent Ben a friendly text to let him know she’s back.” The suspicious tipster went on to allege that if Roberts were to ever get divorced from Moder, “she'd no doubt hope for a second chance with Ben after all these years." This was all nonsense, in the end. Bratt has been married to Talisa Soto since 2002 and when Gossip Cop reached out to his rep for answers, we were told this story was totally “bananas.”

Julia Roberts Leaving For Good?

Speaking of San Francisco, Woman’s Day claimed Roberts bought the house as a way to escape Moder. The outlet alleged that this recent purchase "all but confirms rumors they're planning to split officially." Of course, not one bit of this story made sense, which usually happens when tabloids completely make things up. Moder and Roberts own two homes in Malibu, if they wanted to get away from each other, why not just stay in separate homes there? There were also plenty of times the couple had spoken glowingly about each other on social media. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the situation who confirmed our hunch that the story got it wrong. The only outlets irresponsible enough to claim the couple were having marital problems were supermarket gossip rags. Not one reputable source even insinuated that there might be trouble in paradise.

Most recently, an article published by OK! reported that Roberts and Moder were “fighting” to save their marriage. Once again, an unnamed, untraceable “insider” provided the publication with insight about the famous spouses’ marital struggles. Calling the marriage “unconventional,” the tipster claimed Roberts demanded her husband "escort her somewhere exciting at least once a week," which Moder agreed to, though he apparently didn’t care for "glitz and glamour." The only truth in this story was that Roberts and Moder are married. This was a total non-story, but the tabloid needed something to fill out a page, so they printed this nonsense.

The Truth About Their Relationship

Not one of these outlets have any concrete proof that Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder were experiencing marriage problems, but they continue to claim otherwise. It’s all just a trick to get people to pick up tabloids. Moder and Roberts continue to be happily in love and committed to their marriage. Any outlet that claims otherwise needs to have the evidence to back it up.


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