Danielle Campbell Topless Photos: Fans Rip Privacy Invasion After Louis Tomlinson Pictures Leak

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Danielle Campbell Topless Photos

By Shari Weiss |

Danielle Campbell Topless Photos

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Topless photos of Danielle Campbell were leaked on Thursday, after TMZ purchased dozens of paparazzi pictures that were surreptitiously taken while she vacationed in Mexico with boyfriend Louis Tomlinson.

The pictures were taken this week while Campbell and Tomlinson were seemingly on private property, though it’s unclear if they were at a residence or on a yacht. The controversial shots, which Gossip Cop will not re-post, show the shirtless One Direction member removing his girlfriend’s bikini top. She then sits topless.

The group of photos, which also show Campbell clothed during the same sun-tanning session, were apparently taken by long-lens paparazzi photographers, much like Justin Bieber was snapped in the nude last year while he was on vacation. TMZ censored Campbell’s nipples with tiny black marks, but the damage is done. And fans are enraged.

@ladscheckups tweeted, “I just woke up to those pictures of Danielle and I’m offended that TMZ was okay with taking them #RespectDanielle.” @littlewt91 wrote, “danielle deserves privacy over her body. those pictures are disgusting.” And @znourryiam commented, “I don’t know why people are hating on Danielle?! You should hate on that paps who disturbed their privacy! #RespectDanielle.”

Some Twitter users were critical of Tomlinson and Campbell for stripping down, leading others to defend them. @HStylesCollege said, “So what do y’all think Louis and Danielle do on their private time? Play with Legos? grow up. Not ur relationship? NOT YOUR BUSINESS.” @HStylesCollege also remarked, “it’s like y’all have never heard of nude beaches ffs atleast louis and danielle were (trying to be) in the privacy of their own yacht.”

Even Kate Middleton found herself in a similar situation a few years ago, when paparazzi infamously took topless photos of her as she sat poolside with Prince William. Neither Campbell nor Tomlinson has commented on the privacy invasion. UPDATE: Tomlinson has tweeted his angry reaction to the topless photos leaking.


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