Daniel Radcliffe Does AMAZING Rap Of “Alphabet Aerobics” On Fallon (VIDEO)

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Daniel Radcliffe Rapping Tonight Show

By Michael Lewittes |

Daniel Radcliffe Rapping Tonight Show


Daniel Radcliffe was on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night, and while he is known for his acting, the star of the Harry Potter films apparently has a little known talent for remembering rap lyrics. With a little prodding from Fallon, Radcliff wowed the audience and TV viewers alike with an unbelievable rendition of the super difficult rap song “Alphabet Aerobics” by Blackalicious.


While promoting his new film Horns, Radcliffe first told Fallon that he was a fan of Eminem and the British rapper Plan B, noting that when he was a child he was “the first kid in my class to learn all the words to ‘The Real Slim Shady’” by Eminem. Radcliffe revealed he’s always been “obsessed with memorizing complicated lyric-y, intricate and fast songs,” adding, “It’s a disease.”

The “Tonight Show” host then asked Radcliffe if he knew all the lyrics to Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics,” which he called the “trickiest, fastest song I know.” The actor said he did know all the song’s lyrics (which by Gossip Cop’s count is 342 words), and then took to the stage. With Fallon standing behind him flipping letter after letter, Radcliffe sped through a mind-blowing rendition of the tongue-twisting, alphabetical rap song.

Hours before the “Tonight Show” aired, Fallon tweeted “Daniel Radcliffe does something fantastic on the show tonight. You have to watch!” And just minutes before his performance aired on the East Coast, Fallon again took to social media to urge his million of followers, “I’m telling you – watch now!! It will be trending and he’s phenomenal. #NBC #DanielRadcliffe #FallonTonight #Blackalicious #insanity.”

Fallon did not oversell Radcliffe’s must-see performance, which received a standing ovation from the entire audience in the “Tonight Show” studio. Gossip Cop suspects you will be sharing this amazing video with your friends.


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