Daniel Radcliffe And James McEvoy Share Worst Fan Experiences On ‘Graham Norton’ (VIDEO)

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daniel radcliffe james mcevoy fans

By Michael Lewittes |

daniel radcliffe james mcevoy fans


Daniel Radcliffe and James McEvoy revealed their worst experiences with fans on “The Graham Norton Show,” including one time when a fan tried to sleep with McEvoy. See the video below of the two Victor Frankenstein stars discussing their horrible fan experiences.

Norton said to Radcliffe that while he’s always had a reputation for being extremely nice to fans, lately the host read he’s “starting to toughen up now.” Radcliffe then said that 99 percent of the time people who come up to him are perfectly lovely and it’s rare they’re rude. Still, he said, he goes out of his way to be nice to everyone. But then Radcliffe recalled an experience in which a woman who asked him for a photograph was so sarcastic that afterwards Radcliffe’s girlfriend had to point out to him that she was a “dick.”

McEvoy revealed that one of his worst experiences happened when a fan propositioned him for sex. “Do you know this thing where people make a list of famous people they’re allowed to have sex with, if they meet them?” he began. McEvoy then explained he met this woman and her guy, and she told him, “So, you’re my allowance.” McEvoy, who was shocked by the proposal, said no sooner had the woman told him he was her “free pass,” then she added, “You know, a lot of girls would be after someone like Channing Tatum.”

Watch Radcliffe and McEvoy talking about their worst fan experiences below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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