Daniel Craig Did NOT Sign “No-Nudity Clause” For ‘James Bond,’ Despite Reports

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Daniel Craig No Nudity

By Shari Weiss |

Daniel Craig No Nudity

(MGM/National Enquirer)

Daniel Craig did not sign a “no-nudity clause” or have such a rule added to his contact for the new James Bond movie, despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claims.

This unfounded rumor first appeared in the National Enquirer, which is now running its baseless story online. The piece begins by rightly asserting the actor will “once again play superspy James Bond,” but then wrongly contends “the 49-year- old Brit has added a new clause to his contract — no nudity!” A so-called “set spy” is quoted as saying, “Daniel is still in great shape, but at the age of 49 he doesn’t think he needs to be showing as much skin as he has in the past.”

Gossip Cop wondered what kind of “set spy” this could possibly be. The next Bond installment has not yet started production, so there is no set on which for someone to be a spy. Craig only confirmed he’s reprising the iconic role just last week. Yet this alleged source supposedly already knows, “We are still going to see Bond shirtless and in tight swimming trunks, but the totally naked James that we saw in Casino Royale in 2006 is a thing of the past!” To underscore its point, the supermarket tabloid used a still of the actor in his bathing suit from Casino Royale to illustrate its story (see above).

Meanwhile, the gossip magazine’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, is blaring on its own site, “Daniel Craig Signs No-Nudity Contract For James Bond Movie – Fans Are Destroyed!” This piece similarly claims the “hunky” star “will show his muscles no longer,” and has “included a new clause in his actor’s contract that states he is done with on-screen nudity, for good.” Several of the lines are altered ever so slightly from the original article. But there is no real evidence presented to support the contentions that “to the dismay of his admirers, his sexy bare muscles would not be returning with him.”

The webloid has already proven to be an unreliable resource in this area given that, nearly a year ago, it peddled a false story about Craig being offered a whopping $150 million for two new Bond movies. Additionally, the National Enquirer has proven it is also no expert on the star given that it has published multiple untrue reports about Craig’s marriage to Rachel Weisz being in trouble. Given that history, the suspect “set spy” mentioned above, and that these two disreputable publications are running slightly different versions of the same claims, Gossip Cop was skeptical of these “no-nudity” rumors. Fortunately, we uncovered the naked truth. While it remains to be determined how much skin Craig will show in the next Bond film, a rep for the actor confirms to us there is no new clause in his contract banning nudity.

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