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Daniel Craig has not barred Ben Affleck from attending the next James Bond premiere with Ana de Armas. Gossip Cop can prove that this tabloid story is bogus.

Let’s start with some facts. Craig and de Armas are indeed starring in the as-of-yet unreleased next James Bond film No Time To Die. This film should have had a glitzy Hollywood premiere back in April, but the release got pushed until November 25. Frankly, even that date shouldn’t really be trusted. We’ve seen movies like Mulan and Avatar 2 get their rescheduled post-pandemic release dates get repeatedly delayed.

Furthermore, given the pandemic is still raging on, it would be more likely that there isn’t even a proper red carpet premiere. For instance, the Emmy Awards this September are going to be virtual with no red carpet or glamour. Those decisions have likely not been made yet as everyone, including Hollywood, is trying to figure out how to work in the pandemic.

Bearing all that in mind, let’s get to the absurdity that is the Star story about Daniel Craig “spreading the word that Ben is persona non grata” for the premiere of No Time to Die. Apparently, Craig’s ego is so fragile that he cannot allow the two Hollywood stars, apparently known for “packing on the PDA,” to steal his spotlight. At least that’s what one anonymous insider said. This so-called “insider” concludes by saying, “It’s Daniel’s party… he won’t be upstaged by a circus sideshow!”

Yeah, Gossip Cop doesn’t think so. Craig has attended dozens of premieres in his decades of acting, and never before has he seen fit to use his clout and have an actor banned from one. Furthermore, Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are professionals with red carpet experience who only started dating in 2020, so they’ve hardly had time to build a reputation of “packing on the PDA” as this insider suggests. We also reached out to our source close to Craig, who assured us this whole story was untrue.

We have already debunked loads of stories about Affleck and de Armas, and they’ve yet to hit a year of dating. Apparently Jennifer Garner, Affleck's ex-wife, was warning him that de Armas was just dating him for his fame (fame she had before dating Affleck but whatever). It's been said that Affleck had purchased de Armas a $200K promise ring or, on an entirely separate occasion, a sports car. What’s with Star and expensive gifts? If de Armas wants a sports car, she could always just buy it herself with some Blade Runner 2049 money.

Craig was also subjected to a Star rumor that wife Rachel Weisz kept him on a “tight leash.” Seems if the tabloid isn’t making Craig look like a diva, then it would make his spouse look like one. This story, like so so many others from this tabloid, was obviously made up. Gossip Cop is hopeful we can all enjoy No Time To Die come November, and we certainly won't be surprised to see Affleck join de Armas on the red carpet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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