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Are Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz teetering on the brink of divorce thanks to Craig’s drinking? One tabloid seems to be confusing Craig with his iconic boozy character James Bond. Gossip Cop investigates this story.

Craig’s Drinking Out Of Fear; Disturbs Family

The National Enquirer reports, after speaking to unspecified “pals” and “insiders,” that Craig “has been banging back the booze,” and Weisz is “enraged.” The nine-year marriage could be in trouble, as Weisz has even “told pals she’s ready to cut Daniel off and ordered him [to] start acting like a grown-up.” This is apparently not the first time Craig has hit the liquor hard, but Weisz is putting her foot down now because of their two-year-old daughter.

The tabloid ultimately ends up taking Craig’s side in all of this. His drinking motivation is fear that No Time To Die could fail: “he’s concerned it will be a flop and will leave a negative stain on his James Bond legacy.” The article ends by saying “no wonder he’s drinking a bit!”

Strange Tone Problem

The article is written very casually, saying Craig “has not only been hitting the sauce, [but] he’s also slacked on his workouts during the lockdown.” The reality of the article sounds quite horrifying though. Is Craig only “drinking a bit?” It sounds like he’s completely letting himself go and spiraling into alcoholism in front of his young daughter and furious wife. The article is filled with cutesy Bond references, like shaken not stirred and others, as if to distract from how serious this drinking allegation is.

Craig Is Not Drinking His Life Away

Any recent photograph of Craig will prove that he has not “slacked on his workouts,” nor is there any proof to the drinking allegations beyond flimsy and vague “pals”. Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Craig who assured us this story was not true. Craig was delighted to do No Time To Die as it allowed him to control his legacy, and there’s no reason for him to collapse over a delay when all non-Tenet films are currently delayed.

Alcohol Is A Common Trope

If you read enough National Enquirer, as Gossip Cop does, you’ll begin to notice that booze pops up a lot. We’ve collected some articles about stars relapsing. The tabloid has claimed alcohol was ruining the marriages of Ashton Kutcher, Tim McGraw, and Matthew McConaughey as well. Gossip Cop concluded that all these drinking tales were not true, and were just another archetype this notorious tabloid leans on to manufacture stories.

We busted this tabloid for a much more pleasant, though still untrue, article about Craig setting up Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry. In that story, he wasn’t drinking heavily in front of his two-year-old, but that didn’t make it any more true. That story just exemplified how these supposed Craig insiders shouldn’t be trusted. Craig has not allowed booze to destroy his marriage; the story is bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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