Dane DeHaan: Robert Pattinson Fans “Want To Jump On Him And Make Out”

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Dane DeHaan Robert Pattinson Fans

By Andrew Shuster |

Dane DeHaan Robert Pattinson Fans

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Dane DeHaan, who co-stars with Robert Pattinson in the new movie Life, described the actor’s fans as lustful people who “want to jump on him and make out with him.”

During an interview with the Huffington Post, DeHaan was asked if he witnessed Pattinson’s intense admirers while working on set. “There’s this sexuality that goes along with Rob’s fans where they’re just so into him as a sexual being,” the actor explained.

DeHaan has also worked with Daniel Radcliffe and Shia LaBeouf, but the actor noted there are differences between their fan bases and Pattinson’s. “People love Dan in this way where they want to hold him close,” said DeHaan. “And then Shia’s fans are like, ‘You’re the Transformers hero!'” But as far as what all three actors have in common, DeHaan says, “Their lives are all more crazy than mine is.”

He went on to talk about developing a friendship with Pattinson while working on Life. DeHaan revealed their real-life interactions mimicked the complicated relationship of the characters they were playing. “It’s not like Rob and I weren’t friends,” DeHaan explained. “We hung out a couple of times outside of set, but other than that, it would be show up on set and really get to know each other through the process of making the movie as two artists who go about things in two different ways.”

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