Dane Cook Slams Nick Cannon For Wearing Pink Turban

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Dane Cook Nick Cannon Pink Turban

By Andrew Shuster |

Dane Cook Nick Cannon Pink Turban

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Dane Cook slammed Nick Cannon in an Instagram rant on Tuesday night in which he went off on the fellow comedian for wearing a pink turban to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Cook posted a photo of Cannon at the event, along with a lengthy caption admonishing his style choice.

“Last night Nick Cannon wore this sh*t,” Cook began. “He put this on his head and he looked in a mirror and he walked away from the mirror without saying to himself, ‘Hey self mayyyyyybe I shouldn’t look like Zoltan and wear a f***ing pink turban with one of the infinity stones from Avengers on it.’ He went outside and people didn’t stop him and say ‘Nick Cannon from Americas Best Talents Competition we love you so please remove that from your head please and thank you.'”

Cook went on to note that Cannon “wore a matching tie and bottom lip lipstick too to match this horrific clothing mistake x10000.” He continued, “This pic makes me so frustrated that I want to delete it already and I think I will because this makes me want to quit Instagram. Don’t get me wrong Nick is a good guy and he and I go way back but I’m gonna have to call Nick out here and say he Cannon’t wear this f***ing thing again.” Cook ended his rant by saying, “I just opened my fridge and randomly punched into it in utter disbelief. I also just called hammered a nail into my own tire so I could walk into the woods off the side of a rural highway to spit on a birds nest. Ahhhh I’ve been ranting since my Voice of Doom 12 years ago on my website. Follow meeeeeeeee. Hahahaahhaah.”

Shortly after Cook’s tirade, Cannon responded on Twitter, ” Yo @DaneCook call me so I can explain this Muthaf***in King Business to you!!” The comic the added turban emojis and the hashtags, “#MoorishMindset #SikhLife #ReconditioningOurCommunities.” Cannon has worn a variety of turbans in the past, including to this year’s “America’s Got Talent” finale and the MTV VMA’s.


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