‘Dancing With The Stars’ Did NOT Say “No” To Billy Bush, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Dancing With The Stars Billy Bush

By Michael Lewittes |

Dancing With The Stars Billy Bush

(National Enquirer/Getty Images)

“Dancing With The Stars” did NOT say “no” to Billy Bush, despite a late and wrong tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this total fabrication. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to often disproven National Enquirer, supposed ABC executives told Bush they weren’t interested in him for the dancing competition show. The supermarket tabloid alleges in ridiculous language, “Desperate to revive his career, disgraced former ‘Today’ host Billy Bush is begging ‘Dancing with the Stars’ bigwigs to let him twirl on the upcoming March hoofer contest.” The publication then quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Billy said he would be willing to take a pay cut, and take a sum much lower than the other contestants,” but ABC honchos are still “reluctant.” The same supposed “insider” tells the magazine, “A lot of them are sick of having contestants who want to be cast as a way of reviving their broken career, which is exactly what some believe Billy is trying to do.”

But the magazine’s tale is not only wrong, it’s also very late. In fact, the publication’s sister site RadarOnline falsely alleged a month ago that Bush begged to be on “Dancing With The Stars.” And it should be readily apparent that the Enquirer lazyily repurposed that fake news story since it uses some of the same quotations and alleges Bush is now interested in joining the “upcoming March hoofer contest.” But, as Gossip Cop reported last week, the full Season 24 “Dancing With The Stars cast was announced four days ago. No one else can become a competitor at this point.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story, and we’ve again confirmed the supermarket tabloid is dancing around the truth and facts. Bush never expressed any interest in joining “Dancing With The Stars.” It’s all made up. Gossip Cop is not only told by a source close to the TV personality that it’s “complete bulls**t,” but also a “Dancing With The Stars” production insider assures us the entire article is 100 percent “not true.”

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