‘DWTS’ Ice Skaters NOT In “Feud,” Despite Report

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Dancing with the Stars Ice Skaters Feud

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Dancing with the Stars Ice Skaters Feud


The ice skaters competing on “Dancing With The Stars: Athletes” are not in an “icy feud,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which a rep for the show tells us is “untrue.” It seems these claims were concocted just to capitalize on Monday’s premiere of the new season.

According to the sensational RadarOnline, the new edition of “Dancing With The Stars” is “going to be the most dramatic season ever” because there is a “backstage feud brewing between this season’s three pro-figure skaters,” Tonya Harding, Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu. A so-called “source” alleges that Harding has been “breaking down in rehearsals.” She is further described as a “diva.” Yet the article doesn’t say why the former Olympian is “breaking down” or offer any specifics pointing to how she’s a “diva” behind the scenes of the ABC dance competition.

The site then moves on to Rippon, contending that he, too, is a “diva.” The supposed source asserts, “[He] is telling everyone that he has this in the bag.” Then for Nagasu, it’s alleged that she’s actually “creating the least amount of drama,” but is “one of the strongest competitors.” Claims the purported tipster, “The three of them are acting like there is no one else in this competition.” It’s even said the “producers are loving the drama.”

But the website hasn’t actually outlined any specific “drama,” or given any evidence that there’s an “icy feud” taking place between the contestants. The blog is merely offering unsubstantiated, vague contentions. And amidst them is an easily proven falsehood. The outlet wrongly maintains Harding is participating in the reality show “just one season after rival Nancy Kerrigan competed for the Mirror Ball Trophy.” In truth, Kerrigan appeared on season 24 of “Dancing with the Stars,” while Harding is in the season 26 “DWTS” cast.

It should also be noted that just because each skater obviously wants to win the “Athletes” edition, that doesn’t mean they are actually at odds with one another on a personal level. Additionally, in a recent interview Nagasu admitted Harding didn’t know who she was when they met, but said they were “kindred spirits.” She gave no indication of a dispute between them.

During virtually every season of the ballroom show, RadarOnline tends to claim there is “drama” and “feuds.” For instance, just over a year ago the site baselessly alleged there was a feud between Kerrigan and fellow “DWTS” contestant Heather Morris. Then and now, the online publication is really just trying to exploit fans’ interest in the series with manufactured stories like this one, which was purposely published only hours before the new season premieres. While it’s likely the new episodes will have tension and melodramatic elements, as they always do, a rep for “Dancing with the Stars” exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this new narrative about an “icy feud” between the figure-skating contestants is “completely untrue.”


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