Damone Rippy America’s Got Talent Audition Video: Flyboarder Wins Over Judges With Abs And Water Stunt

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Damone Rippy America's Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

Damone Rippy America's Got Talent Video


Damone Rippy won over the judges on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent,” first with a water stunt and then with his abs. Watch below!

For the fourth week of auditions, the two-hour episode focused exclusively on acts that fall into the “extreme” category. The performances required the taping to take place outdoors, where the contestants had the room and equipment to show off their talent. For Rippy, that meant he needed a body of water, a jet ski, and a flyboard jet pack.

The 16-year-old wowed the judges by being propelled into the air by the jet pack, which was on his feet and made it look like he was walking on streams of water. While the sport has grown in popularity in recent years, and some celebrities have even tried it on vacation, Rippy took it to the next level. Using the energy force, he was able to do flips and loops, and even some dance moves.

The panel actually seemed downright jealous and eager to learn the act themselves. Howard Stern said Rippy looked like a “superhero,” and Howie Mandel was particularly blown away by Rippy’s strength and the uniqueness of his ability. Stern wondered if the teen had a six-pack from all the work flyboarding takes, and made the contestant lift up his shirt to prove it.

Needless to say, the women in the crowd went wild. Mandel even tweeted during the broadcast, “I think @ZaynMalik is finally replaced in One Direction…with a fly boarder named @DamoneRippy!” Check out the video below!


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