Dalton Rapattoni “Sound Of Silence” And “Numb” ‘American Idol’ Video: Watch Top 5 Performances!

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Dalton Rapattoni sound of silence american idol video

By Shari Weiss |

Dalton Rapattoni sound of silence american idol video


Dalton Rapattoni performed “The Sound Of Silence” and “Numb” for his Top 5 performances on Thursday’s “American Idol.” Watch below!

For the first time in the competition, Rapattoni and the rest of the contestants had to perform two solo songs during the live broadcast. During the first round, the punk rocker sang Linkin Park’s “Numb,” a song chosen for him by “Idol” viewers. But instead of doing a typical hard-charging version, Rapattoni slowed the track down and played an acoustic guitar.

Jennifer Lopez was the only one of the judges who was disappointed. “With that particular song, I think you took a little bit of the oomph of that song. I was waiting for you to head-bang with me for a little bit,” she said, though she added, “It had the feeling, because you always have the feeling.”

Harry Connick, Jr., however, appreciated the arrangement, and pointed out the “juxtaposition” between Rapttoni and the band. “I thought you poured your guts into that lyric… I actually liked it,” he said. Keith Urban then said, “I agree with Harry a little bit… It wasn’t fully Dalton-ized and it wasn’t fully covered.”

A while after getting that feedback, Rapattoni took the stage again with “The Sound Of Silence,” also selected by the audience. Urban noted, “That was really good.” Lopez felt, “It was very powerful.” And Connick enjoyed it as well.

Check out the videos of both performances below!


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