Dalton Rapattoni “Radioactive” “American Idol” Video: Watch Top 8 Performance!

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Dalton Rapattoni Radioactive American Idol Video

By Shari Weiss |

Dalton Rapattoni Radioactive American Idol Video


Dalton Rapattoni sang “Radioactive” for his “American Idol” Top 8 performance on Thursday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Rapattoni has been consistently praised by the judges during season 15 for the unconventional approaches he takes to songs everyone knows. Harry Connick, Jr. even told him last week that he was “batting a 1,000” with his unique performances. It was no surprise then to find out he made into this week’s Top 8 with the help of viewers’ votes.

But this time around, Rapattoni barely played around with Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.” And the judges weren’t so happy about that. Though the panel offere some praise, they were critical, too.

“I love that America is voting you through. I love that they’re seeing that side of you. You’re talented. You’re ready. I love how passionate you are about this,” Keith Urban said. “I just wanna say quickly, I don’t think that was a great song for you. Because what you do with songs, when you tweak them and do your own little mojo thing, that sets you apart. But I think we’re going to see you next week if everyone votes.”

Jennifer Lopez told him, “You really understand the art of the show and what you do is different from everybody else up there.” She encouraged Rapattoni to not be concerned with what his fellow frontrunners are doing. “What you do, we wanna see.”

And while Connick favorably compared Rapattoni to Billy Joe Armstrong, he went on to say, “But there was a certain electricity I didn’t see.” Check out the full video below.


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