Dakota Johnson’s Friends Urging Her To Dump Chris Martin Because He’s Too Close With Gwyneth Paltrow?

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Side by side shots of Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Jonson, and Chris Martin

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Gwyneth Paltrow, Dakota Jonson, and Chris Martin

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Are Dakota Johnson’s friends urging her to dump Chris Martin because he’s too close with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow? That’s the ridiculous story in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Paltrow and Martin are one of the most amicable exes in Hollywood, but according to Star, his girlfriend’s pals don’t find that to be a good thing. “The truth is, Gwyneth is a part of everything he does,” says an alleged tipster, adding that the ex-spouses are raising two teenagers together. The supposed source says Johnson is troubled by the situation because she’s “growing anxious” to have her own kids with the Coldplay frontman.

“Dakota and Chris have been dating for two years and she longs for her own family,” adds the suspicious insider. “But she won’t get that with Chris – to him she’s just another girlfriend.” The magazine is just trying to stir up imaginary drama.

In reality, Johnson and Paltrow get along great. The Goop founder even posted on Instagram in honor of Johnson’s 30th birthday in October. Paltrow called her ex-husband’s girlfriend an “absolute gem” and even attended her birthday party that month. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, reported that Johnson “loved” celebrating with Martin and Paltrow. The publication further noted, “Dakota seems very close with her. They hugged and chatted a lot.” E! News, a similar reliable outlet, also covered the festivities and the relationship between Johnson and Paltrow. The site wrote, “They’ve spent a good amount of time together and have a very nice friendship.”

The idea that Johnson’s friends want her to dump Martin because he gets along with his ex-wife is absurd. Would it be better for her to have a boyfriend who’s at war with his ex? Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms the tabloid’s report is nonsense.

Back in January, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Martin had asked Paltrow for permission to marry Johnson. The magazine said Paltrow gave him the go-ahead, and he’d be announcing his engagement soon. It’s nearly a year later and the musician still isn’t engaged to his girlfriend. In January 2018, we debunked a very different report from Star’s sister publication, OK!, which alleged Paltrow had banned Johnson from hanging out with her kids. In the time since we corrected that story, Johnson has participated in many family get-togethers with Martin, his ex-wife and their children. This latest take on the couple’s romance is more fiction.


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