Daisy Ridley “Refusing” To Do Interviews With John Boyega Because Of His Ego?

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Daisy Ridley Refusing Interviews John Boyega

By Shari Weiss |

Daisy Ridley Refusing Interviews John Boyega

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Daisy Ridley is NOT “refusing” to do interviews with John Boyega because of his supposedly oversized ego, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim. One needn’t look any further than basic news outlets over the last month to see the Star Wars: The Force Awakens stars have done countless interviews together.

But Star claims Boyega’s ego is “infinite,” and he “seems to have forgotten he’s still the new kid in the Hollywood galaxy.” The magazine alleges the actor “turned up late and ‘extremely disheveled’ to a global press conference for the flick and was less than professional.”

“He knew he needed to be on time, and he wasn’t, nor did he apologize,” an alleged “organizer” claims to Star. “Instead, he was really smug, like he was doing everyone a favor by showing up at all.” But that’s not all.

The outlet further alleges Ridley is “sick of his big-headed attitude — and five-person entourage” to the point where she “refuses to do joint interviews with him.” The so-called “insider” claims, “She’s not a fan of John’s; she hates his arrogance. Fame has gone to his head and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if this is his first and last big role.”

Wow, as in wow, does Star ever get tired of running these mean-spirited ego stories? The tabloid has run similar hit pieces on everyone from Zooey Deschanel to Tea Leoni to Chris Pratt. And like those tall tales, this one is more tabloid sensationalism than anything. In fact, a rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the Ridley-Boyega claims are “widely inaccurate.”


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