Daily Mail Apologizes To Elton John For Fake News About Canceling Charity Concert

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Elton John Daily Mail Apology

By Andrew Shuster |

Elton John Daily Mail Apology

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The Daily Mail apologized to Elton John on Friday for an article that falsely claimed he lied about being sick so he could cancel a charity concert in Dubai to play at a wedding. The fake news story was completely inaccurate, and the outlet has issued a retraction.

The singer recently pulled out of a concert in Dubai on doctor’s orders because he had to undergo a minor operation that would prevent him from traveling. The singer’s rep released a statement saying, “Although not of a seriously threatening nature, he has been advised by his doctors to schedule a medical procedure to treat his condition immediately.” The show, slated to be held at a venue named the Autism Rocks Arena, was part of Sir Elton’s Wonderful Crazy Night Tour, and was not a charity event.

The Daily Mail, however, wrongly reported John canceled a charity gig, and performed days later in London at the wedding of a Russian billionaire’s granddaughter for $1 million. Although it’s true the singer performed at the nuptials, let Gossip Cop stress the claim that he chose to do so over a charity event is entirely false. The British tabloid was made aware of this and took down its online story. Now, a month after the article ran, the Daily Mail is saying sorry to John, noting the singer had “an unavoidable medical procedure which prevented international travel.” The publication added in its apology, “We did not intend to suggest that he had misled people about his reasons for the cancellation. We apologise for any such impression and have agreed a payment to charity and costs.”

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