Cynthia Nixon Plays ‘Sex And The City’ Game: Beyonce Is A “Samantha” (VIDEO)

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Cynthia Nixon Sex and the City Characters

By Shari Weiss |

Cynthia Nixon Sex and the City Characters


Beyoncé is a “Samantha,” according to Cynthia Nixon, who played the famous “Which ‘Sex and the City’ Character Are You?” game on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live.” Check out the video below!

As fans of the HBO series know, assigning the show’s beloved characters — introspective fashionista Carrie, sex bombshell Samantha, conservative perfectionist Charlotte, and the no-bullsh*t Miranda — to real-life people has long been a popular pastime, prompting girl fights and endless online quizzes. Andy Cohen gave Nixon, who portrayed Miranda, a chance to play a round of “Nixon Picks ‘Em,” interestingly asking her to give her take on celebrities and public figures ranging from Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, the actress said the presidential candidate is a “Miranda.”

But what about some others? After nervously confirming that she couldn’t give a “wrong” answer since they’re all based on opinion, Nixon deemed Oprah a “Carrie,” and Lena Dunham was declared a “Miranda.” She sought clarification when asked about Queen Elizabeth (the first or the second?), and was even queried about Gandhi.

Nixon was a bit overwhelmed when a caller asked her which “SATC” episode was her favorite to film, and which is her favorite to watch. “That’s so hard!” laughed Cohen. Nixon went on to name a 2002 season 5 episode with Nathan Lane that taped in the Hamptons, and admitted she doesn’t watch repeats of the show… because she doesn’t have television! Bonus fun fact: Nixon’s “SATC” co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker, is one of Cohen’s best friends. Watch the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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