The CraigLewis Band “America’s Got Talent” Video: Michael Buble Uses Golden Buzzer For Singing Duo — WATCH!

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CraigLewisBand Americas Got Talent Video

By Shari Weiss |

CraigLewisBand Americas Got Talent Video


Michael Buble used the “America’s Got Talent” Golden Buzzer for The CraigLewis Band on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

As their name suggests, the act is made up of Craig and Lewis. The performing duo was nervous to take the stage after some other killer singers performed before them, but they ended up blowing everyone else out of the water. Craig and Lewis harmonized to perfection on “I’m Goin’ Down,” and Buble led a standing ovation with Howie Mandel and Howard Stern.

“I never ever wanna be on the same stage as you,” he told the guys afterward. But, he said, “Mr Craig, Mr Lewis, I don’t want to push this button, because I don’t think you need me to push it. I don’t think you have a problem at all going through.”

Stern, however, declared, “I’d push it for them after that performance… Do it!” Buble hemmed and hawed, and came close to pulling the trigger before announcing, “No, I’m gonna save it.” That didn’t sit well with Heidi Klum, who had brought Buble on the show as her guest judge pick. The supermodel exclaimed to her pal, “Why would you do that to them?! Don’t tease them!”

Finally, Buble hit the button, and confetti rang out on stage. The men were overcome with emotion, leading one to admit, “I’m so embarrassed, I’m crying on TV!” Now The CraigLewis band is guaranteed to be one of the night’s seven acts (out of 20) who will get to go on to the third round of competition, the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. Watch below, and tell us what you think!


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