Courteney Cox Flirting With Brad Pitt?!

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Courteney Cox Brad Pitt Flirting

By Shari Weiss |

Courteney Cox Brad Pitt Flirting

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Courteney Cox is flirting with Brad Pitt?! That’s what the tabloids ridiculously want readers to believe. Gossip Cop can bust the absurd claim.

A headline in the current edition of Life & Style exclaims, “Courteney Gets Flirty With Brad!” It’s said that while Jennifer Aniston supposedly “struggles” with her marriage to Justin Theroux, “her BFF Courteney Cox has been cozying up to Jen’s ex, Brad Pitt!” Seriously?

The magazine points out Cox and Pitt were both at a charity event earlier this month, and quotes a so-called “eyewitness” as saying, “Courteney behaved like a smitten fan girl around Brad. She kept telling him how great he looked and flirted with him like crazy.” Of course, Cox is currently engaged to Johnny McDaid.

That’s why the outlet adds a line about the supposed flirtation being “innocent,” but the publication still asserts, “Jen was annoyed when she heard about it.” An alleged “friend” adds, “She considers it a betrayal.”

No, the real betrayal is done by Life & Style and its sister outlet In Touch week after week, when both tabloids try to trick readers by printing fiction over fact. And In Touch has a version of this same story in its current issue, too, with slightly altered quotes. The “eyewitness” says Cox “behaved like the ultimate smitten fan girl around Brad.”

The quote continues, “She kept telling Brad how great he looked. She flirted like there was no tomorrow. When Jen learned of Courteney’s behavior, she considered it an act of betrayal.” Funny how in the first version, though, it was an “eyewitness” and a “friend,” supposedly two different people, who said these things. In the second, the same statements come from an “eyewitness” only.

It’s also suspicious that, despite this charity event being well-documented, not one other reputable outlet reported Cox flirting with Pitt. Heck, they weren’t even photographed together. (The shot above is from 2002). Not surprisingly, Gossip Cop is told the flirtation claims from the sister tabloids are “insane.”

But such insanity is nothing new. Life & Style, after all, is the same magazine that more than a year ago wrongly said Cox and Aniston were no longer friends. And last November, the publication also seemingly lied about a “Friends” reunion show.

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