Corinne Olympios Talks “The Bachelor” Elimination On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Corinne The Bachelor Good Morning America

By Holly Nicol |

Corinne The Bachelor Good Morning America


Corinne Olympios appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” where she opened up about her surprising elimination from “The Bachelor.” Check out the “GMA” interview below!

Corinne spoke to Michael Strahan in a live segment on the morning program about her bombshell exit from Monday night’s “The Bachelor.” As Gossip Cop reported, Corinne was eliminated from “The Bachelor” after Nick Viall gave roses before the fantasy suite dates to Raven, Rachel and Vanessa instead. “I was definitely surprised that I got sent home,” she said. “We had such an amazing hometown date and things went really well with my family. I just thought we had a lot of fun. We talked about a lot of emotional things, and I’m super blindsided by going home.”

Corinne went on to talk about how she was perceived on “The Bachelor,” and if her behavior on the show was merely intended for shock value. “I do have a very big personality, so yeah, that is me. There was a lot of really intense and emotional conversations that weren’t shown,” she said. “It wasn’t all sexy and flirty all the time. But yeah, that’s me.”

Strahan then asked Corinne if her image as a villain during her time on the show was a fair evaluation of her character. “A villain to me does things viciously to other people. I never did anything vicious to anybody,” she noted. “I was just doing me. I’ll do what I want to do in my time.” Check out the “GMA” interview below with Corinne from “The Bachelor”!

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