Corinne Olympios Talks “Bachelor In Paradise” Scandal On “GMA” – WATCH VIDEO

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Corinne Olympios Bachelor Paradise GMA

By Shari Weiss |

Corinne Olympios Bachelor Paradise GMA


Corinne Olympios appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” where she spoke about the “Bachelor in Paradise” controversy involving DeMario Jackson. Watch the “GMA” video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, production on “Bachelor in Paradise” was temporarily shut down in June after allegations of “misconduct” involving two contestants, later revealed to be Olympios and Jackson. He was accused of having sexual contact with Olympios while she was allegedly too drunk to consent. He maintained the encounter was consensual, while she insisted she had no memory of what happened. Ultimately, based in part on video of the incident, it was determined that no wrongdoing took place. Still, both were dismissed from the show.

While Jackson has done several interviews about the ordeal, Olympios is now speaking out for the first time. She taped an interview with “Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison, which will air on Tuesday night. But hours before that broadcast, she appeared live on “GMA” to discuss the matter with Amy Robach. Asked how she’s feeling, Olympios said, “I have definitely taken my time to deal with everything, heal, and you know, I just felt laying low was really the best thing for me to do. I’m definitely doing better.”

“I really don’t remember much at all,” Olympios said of her now infamous time with Jackson. “I remember nothing from the situation. It was just really unfortunate.” She acknowledged drinking “too much,” and revealed, “I was also on a medication that severely blacks you out, impairs your judgment and, you know, messes with your balance, that I didn’t know you were supposed to not drink on, so it caused a really horrible, horrible blackout. It was like I went under anesthesia and then woke up.”

Olympios said she’s seen some of the unaired footage and watched the first episode earlier this month. “It’s like I’m watching not me. I’m watching someone else. I was, like, in shock,” she told Robach. Going forward, the reality star said, “I’m weaning off that medication. I definitely don’t want to be taking something. It was very scary what happened. And I, you know, cut down the drinking.”

Robach noted Olympios previously called herself a “victim,” and asked her to explain that. “I was a victim of, you know, just being blown into the media and having people make these crazy assumptions and judgments about what happened that day. I was really a victim of the media,” she insisted. “All of a sudden people became an expert on the situation, on what happened, and it’s like, ‘I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened.’ It was just horrible to deal with.”

Of the “backlash,” she said, “It got really, really bad. It got a lot better, but the things people say are just insane.” Olympios maintained she doesn’t blame the show’s producers, noting, “I would hope that if a producer, you know, saw anything they were uncomfortable with with anyone, they’d do the proper investigations and everything… I’m super thankful.” As for Jackson, “I wish him well,” she said. “There’s no bad blood there. I wish him well always.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Olympios previously appeared on “GMA” in February, following her elimination from “The Bachelor.” Check out the new interview below.

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