Corey Gamble’s Plan To Propose To Kris Jenner Revealed?

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Corey Gamble Plan Propose Kris Jenner

By Shari Weiss |

Corey Gamble Plan Propose Kris Jenner

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Corey Gamble’s plan to propose to Kris Jenner has NOT been revealed, despite a report from a webloid that has been spreading false stories about Jenner for years. Gossip Cop can once again correct the misinformation.

HollywoodLife is claiming to have exclusively learned Gamble’s “plan to put a ring on her finger by Christmas.” In case that wasn’t vague enough, the site goes on to state, “Corey wants to pop the question before 2015 is over.” And then rather than delivering facts, the outlet quotes a so-called “source” as speculating as to when a proposal may happen.

“Christmas seems like the most logical time for him because he wants to do it when friends and family are near and everyone is in good spirits,” the supposed “insider” says. The webloid’s snitch conveniently goes on to reference other family happenings, saying, “There is a lot going on right now with Kim‘s pregnancy, Lamar‘s recovery and everything else in the family that he wants to make it very special, and not have it wrap itself around any drama or birth.”

Of course, Kim Kardashian isn’t due to give birth until sometime in December, which puts a gaping hole in this alleged plan. If Gossip Cop had to guess, we’d reckon the site is only running such a story for two reasons. First, it’s a follow-up to the outlet’s previous wrong report about Jenner supposedly expecting a proposal from Gamble that didn’t come for her 60th birthday last week.

This new tale allows HollywoodLies to continue the saga. And second, the webloid published its supposed new “exclusive” on Gamble’s birthday, after Jenner shared a birthday tribute saying how she loves him. Ostensibly, there should be more interest and search traffic in Gamble and Jenner on Tuesday given the celebration, and now the site just happens to have a story that fits right in.

But HollywoodLife has proven again and again over the years that its Kardashian-Jenner sources are either non-existent or just really, really bad. Nothing has changed that recently, and the webloid hasn’t actually revealed anything here. If and when Gamble does propose, Gossip Cop will have the details.

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Corey Gamble is planning to propose to Kris Jenner by Christmas.


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