Corey Gamble Loving Kris Jenner’s “Butt” Story Is Made Up

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Corey Gamble Love Kris Jenner Butt

By Holly Nicol |

Corey Gamble Love Kris Jenner Butt

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A new report about how Corey Gamble “loves” Kris Jenner’s fuller-looking butt is made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this manufactured story. We’re told no one in Gamble nor Jenner’s circle is speaking to HollywoodLife, which posted this fake news.

“Corey Gamble Makes Kris Jenner Feel Like ‘The Sexiest Woman’: He Loves Her Butt,” reads a new headline from the often disproven website. In the accompanying article, the outlet claims Gamble is “a huge fan of Kris’ sexy butt.” The site even quotes one of its untraceable sources as saying Jenner’s boyfriend is “honestly even more attracted to her now that she has a bigger booty. He can’t get enough of it.”

“Honestly” and HollywoodLife are not exactly terms that are often used together. In fact, the outlet has been caught so many time fabricating stories about celebrities that it’s often referred to as “HollywoodLies.” Curiously, in its latest story, the blog claim to know that Gamble is “more attracted to [Jenner] now that she has a bigger booty,” but admits in the same article that the reality star and Kardashian matriarch either “had some sort of augmentation… unless she was recently wearing butt pads.” The site further writes, “Regardless of whether or not Kris, 61, really had a Brazilian butt lift,” it hear Gamble is “a fan of her body.”

One would think that if HollywoodLies knew such intimate details about what Gamble thinks of his girlfriend’s “sexy butt,” they would also know how or why it appears a big larger these days. But it doesn’t. And the reason is simple: The site made up this fake news about Jenner and Gamble.

As Gossip Cop mentioned above, no one who’s really close to Gamble or Jenner is divulging information to HollywoodLies about them, no ifs, ands or butts. Remember, it’s the same webloid we corrected two years ago when it falsely reported that Jenner was getting a proposal from Gamble at her 60th birthday party. There was not truth behind that story nor to this latest one.

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