Coolio Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession

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Coolio Gun Possession

By Shari Weiss |

Coolio Gun Possession

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Coolio pleaded guilty to gun possession on Wednesday. His sentence, however, does not include any jail time.

As Gossip Cop reported, Coolio was detained at LAX in September after he was found with a loaded firearm while trying to go through security. The rapper was joined by an entourage at the time, and his group attempted to claim that the gun and the bag in which it was found belonged not to Coolio, but to someone else in his crew. Cops weren’t buying it, though, particularly after witnesses said the luggage in question was indeed handled by the music star.

He was led out of the airport in handcuffs, and later charged with felony possession of a concealed weapon. Now as part of Coolio’s guilty plea, he will be on probation for three years and must do 45 days of community service. If Coolio does not engage in any further gun use and is not involved in any additional criminal activity over the next year, the conviction will be bumped down to a misdemeanor.

Following his arrest last month, Coolio recorded a video message for fans, calling the situation a “little misunderstanding.” He acknowledged, though, that he didn’t “know what’s going to be the result of this in the future.” Now he knows.


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