Conrad Hilton Slapped With Restraining Order After Threatening Suicide Over Ex-Girlfriend Hunter Salomon

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Conrad Hilton Hunter Salomon Restraining Order

By Shari Weiss |

Conrad Hilton Hunter Salomon Restraining Order


Conrad Hilton has been threatening to kill himself over a failed relationship, claims his ex-girlfriend Hunter Salomon, who was just granted a temporary restraining order against him.

Salomon, the daughter of Rick Salomon and E.G. Daily, filed legal documents alleging Hilton is suicidal and potentially violent. The rising model claims that while their romance ended some time ago, Hilton has been tormenting her since last fall, showing up at her mother’s house and demanding to marry her.

Salomon alleges one such incident took place last Wednesday, when he refused to leave their home. In her court papers, she claims Hilton “asked if he could please just see me before he kills himself.” She further alleges he said to “get a restraining order because he can’t restrain himself.”

The stay-away order now requires Hilton remain at least 100 yards from Salomon, her parents, and her sister Tyson. Interestingly, or perhaps creepily, Salomon has an additional connection to the Hilton family. Her father Rick was Paris Hilton’s partner in her infamous sex tape.

Conrad, who is Paris’ younger brother, has had a number of other legal problems lately. As Gossip Cop reported, he was arrested earlier this year for a violent outburst on a plane during a flight last July, during which he allegedly threatened to kill people on board. He went to rehab for drug and alcohol use shortly after, and will be sentenced July 10. And just last week, Hilton turned himself in on an arrest warrant stemming from a high-speed police chase and car crash last year. He’s due back in court for that case on July 14.


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