Connie Britton Meets Hillary Clinton

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Connie Britton Hillary Clinton Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Connie Britton Hillary Clinton Photo


Connie Britton met Hillary Clinton on Friday, and took to Instagram on Saturday to gush about her encounter with the presidential candidate.

Alongside the selfie seen at right, Britton wrote, “So yesterday I met Hillary Clinton for the first time in Austin, TX. I went there to meet her. Because this election is important. I believe in being informed. And what we’ve seen far too much already, and it’s only going to get worse, is an election roiled by fear, hearsay, projection and illusion.”

“I heard Hillary speak yesterday and was absolutely blown away by her passion, intelligence, depth of experience and profound competence,” said the “Nashville” star. “And then I got to sit down and talk with her, and felt her humanity as a mother and working woman, and, most importantly, a woman who is genuinely dedicated to the ideals and values of the people of this country.”

Britton went on, “Please. Let’s focus. And get back to those ideals. Because we are all so fortunate to live in the United States and with that comes a responsibility. Take this election seriously. Get the facts. And remember the greatness of this country. We are a country of intelligence and compassion, not fear and bullying. This is a crucial time for us to reclaim that for ourselves.”

The actress amusingly added at the end of her post, “Also Hillary gave me this ‘Hillary y’all’ button. Whaaat?? She gets me. #ImWithHer @hillaryclinton.” But like others that have posted on social media about politics, Britton’s long message received a mixed response.

While one commenter remarked, “Totally and completely agree #imwithher,” another stated, “Lost this fan. It’s a shame.” Britton has not reacted to the backlash.


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