Condoleezza Rice: “I Felt Bad” For Donald Trump – Watch “The View” Video

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The View Condolezza Rice Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Condolezza Rice Video


Condoleezza Rice admitted on “The View” on Tuesday that she sometimes feels “bad” for Donald Trump. Watch the video below.

On the ABC talk show, Rice candidly discussed the current political landscape from the vantage point of a former secretary of state. “We have a different kind of president. He has never been in government before,” she noted, conceding, “It looks kinda easy until you get in there.” And when Trump, in fact, recently admitted he’d thought it would be “easier,” Rice said, “I actually kinda felt bad for him. It is a hard job. And it’s a lonely job.”

That’s not to say, though, she’s willing to let him off the hook entirely. Rice questioned Trump’s praising of Kim Jong Un, and said concerns about his business entanglements are valid. She called for such matters to be “absolutely clear,” and acknowledged, “We’re making new waves here.”

Trump can also take comfort in knowing Rice believes he won the Oval Office fairly. While she did agree that Russia meddled in the presidential election, she suggested that was only done because Vladimir Putin wanted an “eye for an eye” after Hillary Clinton questioned the validity of his own election. And she does not believe any actions taken by the Russians actually impacted the ultimate outcome in the U.S.

“I trust the people who voted in Wisconsin, and Texas, and Alabama, and California, to have voted for the person who best represented their interests,” Rice said. “Let’s trust our fellow citizens to be smart enough.”

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