Is Conan O'Brien getting a makeover to "save his career"? That's the claim in one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the phony story.

It was reported earlier this year that O'Brien's TBS talk show will be changing formats in 2019 by switching from one-hour to 30 minutes. The new show will be less traditional in terms of how a late-night series is typically structured. It will feature less celebrity interviews and musical performances, but more sketches and comedy segments.

TBS reportedly made the decision to appeal to a younger audience and produce more content to be released digitally. According to the National Enquirer, however, it's not just the show that's getting a new look, but the host as well. The magazine contends that TV executives are pressuring O'Brien to put forth a more youthful appearance.

An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Network bosses want him to get more with the times - and that includes updating his image." The supposed source adds, "Conan has turned to his wife and kids to modernize his look. Hopefully, new clothes and a haircut will help get him back on top."

The tabloid's account of the situation simply isn't accurate. Despite what the magazine's anonymous and untraceable "source" says, Gossip Cop is told on the record by O'Brien's spokesperson that he's not overhauling his personal style. The host's talk show may be getting revamped, but that doesn't mean O'Brien himself plans to change his appearance.

In fact, when O'Brien finished the final hour-long episode of "Conan" last month, he even joked about undergoing "radical" plastic surgery before he returns from hiatus. "That's worth taking a break for," he said, before showing a photoshopped image of how he'll look following cosmetic enhancements. O'Brien actually mocked the idea of his physical appearance changing along his the new show. The only thing being restructured is the show's format.

It's worth noting, the Enquirer has proven to know very little about O'Brien's career plans. Several years ago, prior to the TV personality launching his TBS show, the tabloid wrongly reported that he had signed a deal to host a talk show for Fox. Just days after the magazine published its bogus story, O'Brien announced that he was going to TBS. It's clear the outlet's "insiders" are either nonexistent or incredibly unreliable. Gossip Cop can confirm that the talk show host won't have a whole new getup when his show returns in January.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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