Conan O’Brien Cop Joke Criticized After Dallas Police Shootings

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Conan O'Brien Police Joke Cop

By Shari Weiss |

Conan O'Brien Police Joke Cop

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Conan O’Brien made a cop joke on Twitter on Saturday. To many, though, the tweet came off as poorly-timed, as it’s less than two days after five police officers were killed in Dallas.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the five cops were murdered Thursday night after a gunman opened fire following a peaceful protest in response to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, both of whom were killed by police officers. In the wake of those tragedies, O’Brien tweeted, “Mansplaining to this officer why I shouldn’t get a parking ticket. She’s copsplaining that I’m getting one anyway.”

While some seemed amused, others responded pointedly with references to the recent events. @livinlifegrande replied, “don’t worry, at least you’re not gonna get shot.” @herecomesregulr similarly said, “Well at least you didn’t get shot.” He added, “traffic stop jokes are probably not the best thing going right now Mr. Ivy League.”

@SFOKRT also wrote back, “At least you’re not getting a bullet between the eyes. @ClarkPBA simply stated, “too soon.” D2_Derpinator told O’Brien, “at least you’re not going to get murdered.” @WSUMMorningShow commented, “don’t worry, you’re white, so at least you know she won’t shoot you.”

“But, you will live to see tomorrow,” pointed out @GRIMIS15. @PrettySlick26 remarked, “at least you made it out alive #fairskinhelps #funny #notfunny #methatis.” @TheRealFatMac observed, “notice how different copsplaining is for tall goofy looking white dudes compared to tall unstable looking blacks dudes. And @mwh_88 even advised, “don’t reach for your wallet!”

O’Brien hasn’t responded to any of the reaction. He also hasn’t tweeted about any of the recent tragedies, and seems to be sticking to his one-joke-a-day Twitter strategy.


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