Colin Jost ‘Nervous’ About Proposing To Scarlett Johansson?

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Colin Jost Scarlett Johansson

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Colin Jost Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson wants to get engaged to Colin Jost, but the “SNL” cast member and head writer is too “nervous” to propose to her. That’s the premise behind an article in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can correct that false narrative.

According to In Touch, Johansson is looking for Jost to pop the question. However, a so-called “source close to the couple” claims the “Weekend Update” anchor is “nervous about proposing.” Part of his fear, alleges the magazine’s tipster, is that “he’s afraid she may say no.” But if he asked for her hand in marriage, which the supposed insider asserts she’d say yes to, it will be “Scarlett’s third marriage, and that’s always made Colin a little nervous.”

Gossip Cop reached out to a mutual friend of ours and Jost, and we’re told the tabloid’s account is “not true.” While our impeccable “Saturday Night Live” production source would only offer that Jost is not “nervous” because of Johansson’s previous marriages and divorces, our insider didn’t discuss whether or not he’s planning on proposing.

It bears mentioning that in the past Johansson has said marriage and monogamy are not natural. In February 2017, the actress told Playboy, “The idea of marriage is very romantic,” and it could be “beautiful thing,” but added, “It’s a lot of work” and “I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person.” Those remarks, however, were made around the time Johansson was splitting from her second husband, French journalist Romain Duriac. She was also previously married to Ryan Reynolds.

Not long after that interview hit newsstands, Johansson and Jost were spotting hooking up at a “SNL” afterparty following her guest hosting the sketch comedy show. They’ve now been together closing in on two years, and it’s unclear whether she’s changed her mind about marriage or not. What is clear, though, is that In Touch can’t keep its stories straight.

About four months ago, the same tabloid maintained Johansson was pressuring Jost to get engaged, but the reason given why the “SNL” star was reticent to propose had nothing to do with him being afraid “she may say no” or nervous it would be her third marriage. When Gossip Cop first busted that article around 100 days ago, the excuse for why Jost was scared of popping the question, said its purported “insider,” was that he feels “she’s not the easiest person to be with” and can be “really needy and demanding.” As noted then, if she were really so “demanding” and “needy,” they wouldn’t still be together.

Gossip Cop has a proposal, too. Perhaps the magazine should stop coming up with excuses for why Jost and Johansson aren’t engaged and instead focus on finding better sources for them. And perhaps its third story on the topic, like a marriage for the actress, will finally be the charm.


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