Colin Jost, Michael Che Joke About Donald Trump On “The View” (VIDEO)

Colin Jost Michael Che The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Colin Jost Michael Che The View Video


Colin Jost and Michael Che joked about Donald Trump and more on “The View” on Monday. Check out the video below!

Jost and Che spent the last season of “SNL” riffing on current events for the sketch comedy show’s “Weekend Update” segment. Now they’re gearing up to host an official “Saturday Night Live” spinoff, appropriately called “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update.” In advance of the new series’ August 10 premiere, the colleagues appeared on the ABC talk show to do some updating right now.

Right off the bat, they were asked about Trump’s new communication director, Anthony Scaramucci. Commented Jost, “I’m from Staten Island and I’ve never seen a cartoon Guido like this in my life. It’s like ‘Jersey Shore’ in a suit.” When Joy Behar pointed out that the “Mooch” went to Harvard Law School, Che retorted, “Even Colin went to Harvard. I didn’t go to Harvard and we have the same exact job.” That diss cracked everyone up, and there was more laughs when Jost noted, “We can’t have Spicer anymore. Now we have this guy. It’s crazy.”

“SNL” earned more than 20 nominations for the upcoming Emmys, and the pair was asked if they’d thank the president in an acceptance speech. “I’ll thank him for all the stuff he’s doing for America. I won’t thank him for what he’s doing for the show,” Jost deadpanned. When the audience apparently didn’t realize he was kidding, he noted, “I feel like I can’t make jokes like that. People are like, ‘Maybe he does like him.”

Che actually admitted, “I do like Donald Trump. I just wish he wasn’t our president. If this guy was the president somewhere else, I’d be like, ‘This guy is hilarious.'” They went on to address criticism from former “Saturday Night Live” star Norm Macdonald, who argued the program was making Trump more appealing. Responded Jost, “If our goal is to make him more likeable, it’s not working.”

And Che pointed out that Trump was already “likeable,” anyway, to many TV viewers prior to his presidency, given his success with “The Apprentice.” The comedian further predicted, “It’s only a matter of time before someone who is really good at TV becomes good at politics.” Jost went on to crack, “We’ve got Kid Rock next, hopefully.” Che, however, also stressed about their comedy efforts, “It’s fun to do but there’s also real news out there.”

“Comedy is written at the back of the classroom. We’re throwing spitballs at everybody. Also pay attention to actual news,” he urged, adding, “We’re making jokes. No matter who’s in office, that’s our job.” They also touched on the growing problem with fake news. Jost noted how it used just be the tabloids that made outrageous, false claims, “and now you see that on Facebook.” Watch the full video below.

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