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Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson have been engaged for just over a year. The two first started going out a few months after Johansson's divorce from French advertising executive Romain Dauriac. Though she shares a daughter with her ex-husband, it seems like she's found something special with the SNL head writer. Jost is obviously used to fame as one of the most visible comedians on TV, but there is a magnitude of difference between his fame and Johansson. Most noticeably, Jost now appears in a fair amount of Hollywood rumors, and a lot of them don't paint a good picture of his relationship with his fiancée. Let's look at the three types of stories about Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson, The Bully

There was the time that Star reported that Jost was just about to leave his fiance over cheating allegations. The magazine claimed that Johansson had been “caught cozying up” with another person, even “kissing him on the mouth and walking hand in hand as they chatted.” While the outlet didn't explain why there were no photos of the apparently public encounter, it focused more on Jost's inner struggle. “I don’t know how much more of this Colin can take,” an unnamed source told the outlet. The insider went on to say that the comedian “acts all calm and collected, but that’s his thing. Inside, he’s ready to burst.”

Star once reported that Jost was caught between Johansson and his career after she demanded he conform to her busier lifestyle. According to the magazine, things were going well in the relationship, but in order to take the next step, Johansson wanted the comedian to give up on SNL since its rigid schedule conflicted with Jost's ability to travel with his fiancee as she filmed movies in other countries. "Long-distance isn't good for their relationship," an anonymous source explained. "The harsh reality is that Colin needs to think about leaving the show if he wants to devote more time to Scarlett." As the tipster pointed out, "as much as he loves SNL, he loves her more."

The National Enquirer had a much more intimate story to tell about Colin Jost. It went as far as to publish a story about Jost's attempts at dirty talk cracking up Johansson in bed. Apparently, some very personal insiders told the publication that the comedian's talent for humor couldn't be contained. "She told me that talking dirty sets off the giggles," the source said, "and that every time CoJo actually tries to be sexy, he inadvertently manages to crack me up! Somehow, that's the biggest turn-on for me, because anyone can say sexy sh*t... but Colin's quick wit is such a huge, huge turn-on!" The magazine never explains the confusing pronouns or who's using the "CoJo" nickname, but it was still an insulting rumor about Jost.

Colin Jost, The Jerk

On the other hand, there was that other article from Star that said Jost had secretly earned a promotion of sorts to acting as a "PR guru" to his fiancée. "The only person Scarlett talks to about her image strategy is Colin, and everyone is convinced he's the one pulling the strings," an unnamed industry source apparently revealed. The outlet essentially argued that Johansson's string of seeming PR blunders — her comments about Hollywood whitewashing as well as her controversial support of Woody Allen — were because of Jost. "Colin encourages Scarlett to be her uncensored self," the tipster said. "They don't care if there's a cleanup operation going on behind them after each interview!"

There were also the old rumors about Jost and Johansson low-key fighting over his sports obsession during March Madness. "At first she joked about being an NBA widow," an anonymous source revealed, "but Colin's parked in front of the TV for hours and it's starting to drive her nuts." Although the tipster was generous enough to say that Jost was generally a good boyfriend, they said that Johansson frustration was palpable. "She's used to being the center of attention and Colin was very attentive at the beginning," they concluded. "Now, Scarlett has to wait 20 minutes for the game to end before they can even go to dinner."

Celebrity gossip blog RadarOnline made a bold accusation about Colin Jost hiding some sort of secret history as a wild partier from Johansson. The tabloid wrote that "friends of handsome Jost say he's hiding a warped past" from his partner, and she had no idea. "He runs with a crew of hard-partying writers from SNL and other shows that shoot in New York, and these guys are going out nearly every night of the week," an insider told the outlet, adding that "his buddies can get pretty wild." However, it wasn't just the partying that was supposedly concerning. "Colin and his gang have a reputation for their toxic ways and tendency to hit on every girl at the bar. Scarlett likes the bad boys [but] she doesn't know what she's in for here."

The Couple's Wedding Is A Frequent Topic

Star also reported earlier this year that Scarlett Johansson was blowing off Jost when it came to setting a wedding date. The outlet's tipsters said that the actress was worried about walking down the aisle for a third time after her two previous marriages ended in divorce. Jost, the article claimed, was at a loss and totally exasperated. "He doesn't feel like he should have to pay the price for Scarlett's previous heartaches," one unnamed source said. "He's shown her that she can trust him with her heart. They've been together for more than two years — and Colin believes that by now Scarlett should know what she has in him." To the rumor's credit, the couple still hasn't set a public date, although the story doesn't mention the possibility of the couple simply keeping the date to themselves.

The "wild partying" rumors about Jost resurfaced in a Woman's Day story about the couple's wedding plans. This time, the rumor went that the two were planning on having a lavish wedding at none other than Hugh Jackman's house. The outlet said the wedding would likely cost over $1.5 million and included a guest list full of stars and celebrities. "Colin loves to party. It's one of the things that drew Scarlett to him, so they're working on making it the wedding of the year," one source said.

On the brightside, Jost does occasionally get credited as a good guy. NW said the two were planning a Disney wedding after Johansson's daughter chose the theme, complete with the comedian dressing as Prince Charming for Johansson's Cinderella. "Colin has what it takes to get past Scarlett's 'three year marriage itch," an insider said, referring to the length of Johansson's previous two marriages."Scarlett often says Colin's what would happen if you took the best of her exes and made the perfect guy," they conclude.

The Truth About Colin Jost And Scarlett Johansson

It's no surprise that Jost is such a frequent face in the gossip pages. He's effectively been the face of Saturday Night Live for years now, and his career only looks to be ramping up. Once he began dating one of the most popular celebrities in the entire world, the scrutiny and whispers only increased. Gossip Cop has looked into every one of these rumors, as well as countless others that weren't worth mentioning, and we're confident we know the truth about Jost.

They're perfectly happy together. There's been no proof of a split or a fight, and by all accounts, the two seem to have a normal, healthy relationship. And though it may disappoint fans of the couple, there's been absolutely no wedding news. In fact, the closest we've gotten to any sort of nuptials news from Jost is the fact that he'll be co-starring in a wedding comedy alongside fellow Staten Island native Pete Davidson. The reality of the situation is that Jost will continue to appear in plenty of rumors, both kind and cruel, just because he happened to find the love of his life on the red carpet. It's one of the drawbacks of being part of a celebrity couple, but at the very least, it's a decent tradeoff in exchange for two immensely talented people finding happiness together.


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