Colin Cloud “America’s Got Talent” Video – Mentalist Helps Mel B “Stab” Simon Cowell In Quarterfinals

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Colin Cloud AGT Quarterfinals

By Shari Weiss |

Colin Cloud AGT Quarterfinals


Mentalist Colin Cloud helped Mel B get “revenge” and “stab” Simon Cowell on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, 30-year-old mind-reader Cloud had a mesmerizing audition for the NBC talent competition, which aired in early June. Experienced in criminal profiling, he was able to correctly guess the professions of people sitting in the audience just by looking at them, and amazed further by rightly predicting what animal, color and name the crowd would pick. For the Judge Cuts, Cloud continued to shock when he involved Mel B and Howie Mandel in his act. As part of the stunt, he and Mandel broke the passcode on a phone and, he somehow knew the secret Mel was thinking. He also had signs in the audience that spelled out a word she was thinking.

So, how would Cloud top that for his first live show? Well, before taking the stage, he said that in a voiceover, since his audition, people have been asking him how he does his tricks. “These aren’t tricks. These are skills that I’ve taken years to develop,” he insisted, vowing to now do his “most impressive performance yet.” When he came before the auddience, Cloud revealed he was going to do the “most dangerous thing I can do: Solving the murder of Simon Cowell, right before it happens.” And he asked for Mel B’s help, telling her, “So, Mel, this is your chance to get some revenge.”

He had the singer pick an audience member at random, who had to come on stage and fill out something on a mysterious paper. She then had to choose “one of five potential murder weapons.” And after Cloud correctly guessed the woman’s name and job, he then rightly guessed the “reason” she wanted to murder Cowell: He stole her Justin Bieber CDs. He then accurately guessed which knife she chose and passed it on to Mel, who was urged to plunge it into Cowell’s chest. It was only then that it was revealed that knife had a rubber blade and was the only one of the five that wasn’t real. Had the woman chosen differently, Cloud told Mel, “You’ve would’ve been the person on live TV to kill Simon Cowell.”

Furthermore, he had the music mogul shift from his seat to reveal he was blocking a plaque that said “In Loving Memory Of Simon Cowell” and detailed the reason of death. Somehow, Cloud knew far in advance what this random woman would randomly choose as her motive. As Heidi Klum noted afterward, “That was a lot to take in.” She went on to say, “Kids at home, don’t play with knives. You [Cloud], on the other hand, keep playing with knives.”

Howie Mandel agreed it was “long and drawn-out and somewhat confusing,” and a disappointed Mel wanted to know, “This time, why the fake knife for me?” She added, “But if you think about what he just did… You are incredible and I hope America does vote for you.” Cowell admitted he was still “collecting myself a little bit at the moment,” and pointed out, “I almost got murdered on live TV… None of this was fake, none of this was planted.” He further told Mel, “You know what’s weird, though? You didn’t know it was a rubber knife and you were prepared to kill me.”

That’s when host Tyra Banks pointedly chimed in to say, “Well, after last week I don’t blame her, Simon.” She was, of course, referring to when Mel walked out following Cowell’s joke about her wedding night. Watch the new video below.

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