Colin Cloud “America’s Got Talent” Audition Video: Mind Reader Mesmerized Judges – WATCH!

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Colin Cloud Americas Got Talent Audition

By Michael Lewittes |

Colin Cloud Americas Got Talent Audition


Colin Cloud mesmerized the judges and audience with his mind reading act on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent.” Check out the video below!

The 30-year-old shocked everyone with his ability to read minds. He first was able by just looking at a woman in the audience to tell that she was a teacher. Next, he correctly guessed that the man sitting next to the woman in the crowd was a police officer. But that was just the beginning of his amazing Sherlock Holmes-like talent. He told the panel that he’s a criminal profiler, and it became clear that he’s great at his job.

After that, he gave Tyra Banks a rolled up scroll to hold as she sat on a box. Cloud then went up to Howie Mandel and handed him a coin, which he asked the judge to place in one of his hands behind his back. By just looking at Mandel, the mind reader was able to correctly choose in which hand Mandel was holding the coin. Cloud then asked one-third of the audience to pick a color, the second-third to chose an animal, and the last third to choose a name. The crowd picked the color white, a cat, and the name Oscar.

The mind reader handed the coin to Mel B, which she secretly put in one of her hands. He told her to think about the color blue for one hand and white for the other. The coin, as he rightly felt, was in the hand that corresponded to white. After her, he correctly picked Heidi Klum’s hand with the coin that went with “cat.” And Simon Cowell held the coin in the hand that Cloud rightly guessed matched with the name Oscar.

That, however, wasn’t the wild part. Cloud had Banks unfurl the scroll, which directed the show’s host to open the box she sat on. Inside the box was a white cat with a tag on its collar noting the the feline’s name was Oscar.

Mandel said, “That was truly amazing.” Mel B added, “You were mesmerizing.” Klum offered, “I think you’re fantastic.” And as Cowell pet the white cat like a James Bond villain, he told Cloud, “We can take over the world.” Watch the full video below!

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